Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Seeds"...They're Green.....Right?!

      I'll tell you why I'm talking about 'seeds' in a minute, but first I want to share some things in the shade of green seeds that I fell in love with on Etsy the other day. You "do" like green, right?!....Right?! O_O ... How about green buttons?!...

       Okay...you don't have to love green buttons, because buttonsoupjewelry and me are loving them enough for all of us!! :-) 
     And, frankly, I love green enough all by myself!...and earrings. That's why I loved these as soon as I saw them!...

      Okay, enough jewelry distraction. What I wanna talk about is 'seeds'...tennis 'seeds'! :-)

      ********** And not all green tennis 'seeds' either. In fact, when it comes to tennis, the only kinda sorta 'green' tennis player in a major tournament is one that's not 'seeded'...And now begins my slight knowledge on 'seeding'...Tennis players are called 'seeds', as this is the way they rank tennis players in tournaments...'Seed' is a prediction of a player's position in a given tournament. 
       The origin of the word may come from "scattering" (like what you do with seeding plants) so that the best players don't face each other early... 'Seeding' is not a ranking however, although most of the time it 'is' the same according to the rank. {For instance, at Wimbledon, with its very specialized surface, 'seeding' is calculated by a different objective or formula. So, a #10 ranked player who's done great on grass can be 'seeded' higher than his rank.}
         Today, is the beginning of Men's and Women's Quarter-Finals Y'all!!! We're down to the final 8 of the men and women. ^_^ And the 'seeds' are out in force...as you would expect at this point in the tournament....Yesterday, bright and early, two hold-over matches had to be finished...and they were!...#5 seed, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated #18 seed, Stanislav Wawrinska, in a 5 setter, 6-4, 7-6, 3-6, 3-6, 6-4...And #9 seed, Juan Martin Del Potro defeated #7 seed, Tomas Berdych, 7-6, 1-6, 6-3, 7-5...
           Then yesterday's matches were played...#6 seed, David Ferrer defeated #20 seed, Marcel Granollers in an hour and 51 minutes win, 6-3, 6-2, 6-0......#4 seed, Andy Murray defeated #17 seed, Richard Gasquet, 1-6, 6-4, 6-1, 6-2......#12 seed, Nicolas Almagro defeated #8 seed, Janko Tipsarevic......and #2 seed, "Baby Boy" (as I call him ^_^), Rafael Nadal defeated Juan Monaco in a quick one hour and 46 minute 6-2, 6-0, 6-0!!! 
         Most of the top-seeded players are still in it,...except on the women's side of the draw. O_O Yaroslava Shvedova isn't 'seeded'...I don't think she is anyway!....and Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenko, #5 and #1 seeds, are out already!...On the men's side though, #1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are still in there! Almost unheard of! 
      And today...Everybody in the pool! ^_^

#1 seed, Novak Djokovic will be playing #5 seed, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga...
and #3 seed, Roger Federer will be playing #9 seed, Juan Martin Del Potro...
#2 seed, Rafael Nadal will be playing #12 seed, Nicolas Almagro...
#4 seed, Andy Murray will be playing #6 seed, David Ferrer.
       On the women's side today...

#6 seed, Samantha Stosur will be playing #15 seed, Dominika Cibulkova...
and #10 seed, Angelique Kerber will be playing #21 seed, Sara Errani...
#2 seed, Maria Sharapova will be playing #23 seed, Kaia Kanepi...
and #4 seed, Petra Kvitova will be playing Yaroslava Shvedova.
     If you've never looked at tennis before in your life...today would be the day to watch and learn why the rest of us like it so much!...But let's keep it balanced. Don't stay home from work, ignore the children, neglect your spouse, or have the dishes and laundry bury you today just to watch!!...Take that from somebody who has learned!!! LOL...But, of course, I'm off to watch instead of type RIGHT NOW!!!....So you can't let 'me' be your voice of reason! LOL **********

Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


You teeter totter, in the middle,
Lean a little, OOPS! You're off!
Now you know that you're not balanced,
and you hope the ground is soft.

It's not easy to achieve,
and once you have it, to maintain.
In almost every part of life
our balance is so hard to gain.

You have to balance your emotions,
how you eat, and how you spend.
And when you're balancing your checkbook,
try to keep a level grin.

Staying somewhere in the middle
takes a conscious, careful touch,
because it doesn't take a lot
to go from balanced to 'too much'!

So try to keep a balanced eye,
 a balanced plate, and balanced life.
Keep your feelings all in check,
and minimize the stress and strife.

And don't compare your sense of balance
 to your neighbor's...you're alone.
Because your neighbor's also trying
to get some balance of his own!

Spoiler Alert Updates:  #6 seed, Samantha Stosur won her match. And so did  #21 seed, Sara Errani, #1 seed, Novak Djokovic and #3 seed, Roger Federer...I got the schedule kinda messed up, thinking everybody was playing today. Come to find out, it was only the top half of the draw. Everybody else plays tomorrow....Sorry! :-]


  1. Green is one of my favorite colours i love it ;-) Enjoy your tennis. And i will get round to making that jam over the next couple of weeks when i have a free moment. dee x

    1. You probably guessed that green is my favorite color, right?! ^_^...I missed a lot of the tennis...I was sleeping!! :-) YAY!! I'm planning to go back to sleep too!...Hubby is smiling about the jam. :-)

  2. beautiful green jewelry...loved the earrings..tennis is so exciting..do keep watching it. :) I love it too...~~Debb

    1. I agree about the jewelry and the tennis! ^_^ Thanks for stopping by to share. :-)

  3. Love all your green finds! Great ideas there...

  4. Good poem with fine advise, cleverly delivered.

    1. Thak you vry much, Madeleine! :-)

  5. Yes, I adore green! I don't have any green jewelry...
    Kepp watching tennis. I still can't.

    1. No green jewelry?!...You don't know what you're missing...and this apparently is true with green jewelry and with tennis! ^_^

  6. Love the green necklace. I'm not really a green wearing person but I'm almost sure I would wear that :D

    1. Aha! I knew my love of green would rub off on somebody!! ^_^


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