Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finally....A Champion Emerges!

      It wasn't the Boston Celtics' time. :-( They played their hearts out last night...especially for the first half of the NBA basketball game...but to no avail. The Miami Heat were just too much for them! So I'm gonna be a good sport now and say congratulations to Miami, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James...Go Miami!! Have fun against OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder) in the finals, starting on Tuesday next week.
     I'm able to brush it off a bit because I know that today I'll have tennis!!...'More' tennis, I should say. :-] The men's final at the French Open, with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, is gonna be played!! :-)
       Today is one of the few days that I'm thankful to know that the networks will play the game LIVE on TV, and then will replay the whole match in it's entirety a couple more times throughout the day...because I have a meeting this morning at the exact same time that the game is gonna be played!...Priorities, priorities!! :-)
       I have yesterday's match, between Maria Sharapova and Sara Errani, still in my head to hold me over though...

        Sara was like a little fighting machine, shot after shot, but still...Maria kept coming.....forward....forward....forward!!

       I think it became pretty clear after Maria won the first set, that she had waaay too much fire power for Sara to handle.

      It was still a great match to watch though. Sara made it so...because she never gave up! She kept right on whacking away, adjusting, thinking and trying to figure it out. I'm gonna be keeping my eye out for her in the future because of it! :-] Good Job, Sara!

        Considering the field you had to beat to get here, ending up as number two is not so bad! :-) ...I think the Bryan brothers, who came in second to Mirnyi and Nestor yesterday in the Men's Doubles match, would heartily agree!...

       And "Good Job!" to you too,  Maria! :-) You were a great player, and now will no doubt be a great women's champion!...

       This win made her now the world # 1 and completed her bid as a Grand Slam winner! {By the way, all of the sports photos in today's post are found on the ROLAND-GARROS Facebook page --> HERE <--}

      After today's Men's match I'm probably gonna need a big nap! I haven't been physically feeling at my best for a little while now, especially with the lack of sleep thing that kicked in out of nowhere! Grrrr!..and I barely slept again last night...up and down....up and down....Ugh!...

     ...but I've been kept company through it all by some focused prayer and study....and some crochet. And highly entertained also, by great sport. :-] It's been a really good combination! :-) ...Okay, off to get myself some breakfast and get ready for my meeting. Have a good day, Everybody! :-) 

Why I Love Sports

When I see something done at it's best,
When I see the hard work and the skill,
When I know they could give it no less,
and if more could be given, they will,

When I hear in their voice the request,
to be put in, yes, even if ill,
When the time that they're spending is pressed,
and the love for the sacrifice real,

When the rules of the game they've addressed,
and for them, the price well worth the bill,
When I've felt them embracing the test,
then I love it, and I always will!


  1. Have a great meeting today Wugs.
    I don't think you'll miss much of a match. Rafa should win in say 6-1, 6-0, 6-2. There is a chance it may be close, but I doubt it, he really owns that place!

    It's a beautiful day here - hope you have a beaut too!

    1. Hi Lisa! :-) It was a really good meeting. Reminders about betrayal and loyalty...And I'm looking at the mach between Nadal and Djokovic right now! ^_^ YAY!! 'Baby Boy' is up 2 sets!! But I'm still not too comfortable about it yet. Djokovic came back from 2 sets down to beat Tsonga! And he's playing really good now, after the rain delay! O_O ... And yes, it's beautiful weather here too! Enjoy it!


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