Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finals!!...It's Almost Over Now!

     If you're a tennis watcher I don't have to explain who this is in the header photo. But just in case you're not "Baby Boy"! ^_^ ...(All of the game photos are being shared from the Roland-Garros Facebook page.)... That's what I call him anyway. His given name is Rafael Nadal. He's a clay court specialist. In fact, his success on clay has earned him the nickname "The King of Clay". 
         He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time!...He's also the world #2!...but in my book he's #1. :-) His credentials are so vast that I risk boring you to tears trying to list them! LOL So instead I'll just say: Check out this Wikipedia link --> HERE <-- if you wanna see the details. :-)
      Something that I can tell you about Rafael Nadal is that he's won a record six French Open titles, tied with Bjorn Borg,...who himself is also considered by many to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time!... But if Rafa wins this tournament he'll go into the record books ahead of Bjorn!! No little feat!!

      Nadal's match with David Ferrer was first up yesterday...

        To his credit, Ferrer played his heart out. He chased every flying tennis ball, came forward offensively, hung tough defensively, but alas...

     ...'Baby Boy' was just too tough for him...TOO TOUGH!! Nadal moved left with power, moved right with guile, moved forward with confidence, moved backwards without fear...At one point Ferrer hit a ball so great that it had Nadal scrambling and then on his bottom on the court!...

     ...but Nadal stuck out his racket and hit a return point from a seated position...on his bottom!...then, mid-point, he got up, hit another ball or two...and won the point!!! ^_^ ....As I said TOO TOUGH for Ferrer!
         But Ferrer has seen this before. Both Nadal and Ferrer are Spanish professional tennis players...Rafa, from Majorca Spain. David, from Valencia. They've played each other many...many...many times before. But for this match Ferrer said: "... I didn’t have any chance...".

       No shame on your part though, David, 'Baby Boy' was just on his game, as he has been this whole tournament!!...

         The other match yesterday, to determine who was gonna be playing Rafael Nadal in the final, was between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic...I'd love to tell you that it was a 'dog fight' match...that it went down to the wire...that it was a nail-biter to the end....BUT it didn't turn out to be as competitive as I thought it was gonna be.
        Roger put in a valiant effort, as he always does, but Novak was all over the court, in his face, on his case...EVERYWHERE!!!...

     In the end all Roger could do was give a respectful wave to the crowd that supported him throughout the tournament, and leave the court with his head held high...

       Djokovic had just been 'too good'!...

        So meet Baby Boy's opponent for Sunday, Novak Djokovic...

      I think that match really is gonna be a 'FIGHT'!!! ^_^

      But let's not get ahead of ourselves! :-) There's a women's final being played today...Maria Sharapova and Sara Errani!...

      You know where I'll be today...after taking care of my other important business today I mean!! ^_^

        And then's all gonna be about GREEN Y'all!!'s the last game of the Basketball Playoffs before the's game 7...between the Boston Celtics (green) and the Miami Heat!!!... O_O ...It's gonna be another nail-biter I think!!.....What?! O_O Did you think tennis was the only thing I was interested in lately?! LOL...

       Well, if you thought would be wrong!! ^_^

       ^_^ I've got a bunch of crocheted things I've been working on to show you too....but it's all gotta wait!!! :-) Have a good weekend, Everybody!! 


Beans, asparagus,cabbage and frogs,
cucumbers, shamrocks, and moss on old logs.

Leaves, trees, and tangy mint jam,
Dr. Seuss stories of green eggs and ham.

Grasshoppers, apples, and new lawn-cut grass,
tropical waters and thick bottled glass.

 Pistachio, collards, and yes...Money too!
And don't forget envy. It's green when you stew!

Ecologically aware, reusably clean,
Or you don't know anything. They both are called "green".

A color, a feeling, a veggie, all fun!
And also my favorite color is one!


  1. Nadal is the best! In my book he's #1, too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I agree, I agree!, Priscila! :-] ...YOU have a good weekend too!

  2. How cute are all of those sporty items! I think I like the prints the most although that little beanie is rather cute.
    I know this tournament is almost over but I bet you can't wait for Wimbledon to begin.

    1. Thanks, Jo! And it's sad...for the non-sports lovers...but true...Wimbledon is in two weeks after this tournament...and I can't wait for that either! ^_^ But basketball, the tour de france, etc.... all come before that! :-) Woohoo!!!

    2. I totally forgot about the tour de france. You can see how sporty I truly am now :( sorry but it's not Australian Rules football or the Olympics :)

    3. *Teehee*....I understand....I understand! ^_^

  3. Anonymous6/09/2012

    i am not too much of a tennis fan ... i love team sports better. enjoying the euro cup (soccer) right now and looking forward to the olympics next month.

    1. Ah!...Well, it maybe because I played tennis myself in my past that I'm so into it now...or not. ^_^ I'm just a sports nut! Once I learned the rules of how to play...and saw it played well...I was in! LOL...By the way, I like Soccer too, but for some reason it doesn't hold my attention as well...neither does golf!

  4. The rain stoppage was definitely a factor. Djokovic is always a slow starter against Nadal and just when he started to turn it around by winning the third set and leading in the fourth, the rain came. Then it was a new beginning and it was predictable. I can understand why he was frustrated but he needs to start stronger against good players.

    1. Hi Kathy!...Truth is, Djokovic is a great player and it could have gone either way at any time!!...It fact, when the two of them have played each other in the recent past, Djokovic was the one that came out on top!! So, I was VERY thankful to see "Baby Boy" dig his heels in and pull it through this time. He truly is "The King of the Clay"! :-]


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