Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trash...Or Treasure?...We Found Out From The Best!

     When I'm talking about whether something is trash or treasure, I'm NOT talking about this wicker basket (in the header photo)! Clearly this is a treasure! In fact, it's treasured so much that someone has it reserved on their wedding registry!
      And I'm not talking about this necklace...

      Again...this is clearly a crocheted jewelry naturally is! ^_^ ...Okay. So I'm a little bit biased on the crocheted jewelry subject. :-))

      No, what I'm talking about is the vintage love seat and 1968 RCA color TV hubby and I own. Hubby is determined to get them out of the house! So we decided that we needed to know what they were worth before we just tossed them!....Enter the Keno brothers, Leigh and Leslie! 
      If you don't know who they are, you probably don't watch "The Antiques Roadshow". They are the antique furniture, collectible experts on that show...

        We found out that they had an email address where you could send them pictures and info about your items and they would tell you their value. So yesterday we took pictures of our "treasures"...

        We have two of these old, not in very good shape, reupholstered love seat chairs. (They were given to us somewhere along the way.)...

       And this old RCA TV...

      We were prepared to wait two weeks for an answer back, if need be..Imagine our surprise when we got an email back within a few hours. It said that as far as they knew they were not valuable. :-(
      Then later on we got another email from Leigh directly. He apparently had found out that the RCA TV, if it was working, was about $250!...The love seats?....We need to chuck 'em! LOL...Thank you, Keno brothers! :-) Now I can stop giving hubby a hard time about throwing out my "money"! ^_^ ...Sooooo, anybody wanna buy an old RCA TV?!! LOL

      Thankfully I still have lots of color in my life to keep me occupied, so that I don't do too much whining over lost love seats! :-] What am I talking about now, you ask?!....My newest crochet project of course!...

      It's a 'Ugly Wuglyee' brooch...

      As I've been crocheting my tiny applique flowers I've had small bits of the different colors of thread left over. And since I don't like to waste anything, I've been just saving them until I thought I had enough to make something else out of them. Yesterday I made this!...

      When I finished it I only had one little strand of orange left! ^_^ Makes me very happy!

     It makes me so happy that I might now even sell this one! :-] I'll put a back on it and add a necklace or a pin.....and then I'll decide....It's too pretty to be called an 'Ugly Wuglyee' though, don't you think?! ^_^
      It's more like the 'happy residue' from some of these...

      :-) I'm having entirely too much fun making these tiny flowers!!...But what else is there to do with tennis on day in and day out?!! ^_^ ...Answer?! Prepare for the meeting tonight!! O_O Yep! I've got some studying to finish...Have a good day, Everybody!...Treasure it! :-)

Antique and Collectible

Antiques and collectibles,
with their stories hid in time,
unlocked and displayed by me
in verses set in rhyme.

Worn and leg-less tables,
pottery and cuckoo clocks;
Paintings and some old tin cans,
coins, baskets, rocks.

What could be the story
why we gather this old stuff?!
And why appreciating aging
of ourselves is not enough!

I know, for me, I see
the symbolism of it all.
That 'Old' does not mean 'useless'.
It's just time, slowed to a crawl.

Antique and collectible,
is what I want to be,
so when I'm old, the folks I love
will hold and value ME!


  1. Wow who'd have thought the TV was worth that much!! lucky you, you just need a buyer now who can pick up, it would cost a fortune to post it! lol :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    1. I know, Bee! ^_^ It was a nice surprise!...And you're so right about the buyer picking it up, because Oh No! I'm not paying to ship that heavy "baby"!!! LOL...Have a good day, Bee! ^_^

  2. I didn't realize they had an email address to send our antique photos to! Cool! I have a VERY OLD bronze clock that I would love to know if it's worth anything. Hmmmmmm
    Hope you find a buyer for that old RCA!!
    I love that colorful flower! A little girl I worked with in service yesterday had the cutest little black and white sundress on. A tiny little black and white flower would look so cute on it!!
    I'm glad to see your post this morning. I was starting to worry about you since I hadn't seen anything from you since yesterday. Glad to see your smiling Wug! :)

    1. Yes, Bead, I'm still alive and kicking! LOL I just didn't sleep well last night. I woke up at 10 minutes to 2 and never went back down until 5 this morning!!! I woke back up late. Thus, the late post! ^_^ ...About the Keno brothers, the truth is, I've had the email address for a while, but I just kept putting off taking the pictures!...You know me and the picture-taking issue! O_O But the lighting in the house, and remembering to do it, both coincided yesterday! LOL Now I just need to send the photos of my old wrought iron pedal Singer Sewing machine! :-)) See! It's a never-ending OLD story!! LOL...By the way, thank you for the nice words about the colorful flower. It's funny that you mentioned the black and white dress. Guess what flowers I'm making right and white! :-)

  3. ooooooohhhhhhh I sooooo want your TV its gorgeous ;-)) Its great to these over here in England they brought in a signal called digital and all the old TV had to go in peoples homes as they were not set up to recieve. Its heart breaking. Your coloured flower is gorgeous i love all the colours in it. Have fun, dee x

    1. Ohhhh, Dee! I sure wish I could send it to you!!...By the way, they brought in that digital signal thing here too, but they also gave us a box for the TV so you could still use it for about 20 something channels. We had 4 old TVs at the time, so we got 4 boxes! LOL I think we gave all of them away by now, except one. It's attached to my small orange vintage TV. ^_^ I think you'd like that one too!

  4. Wow who would've thought an old TV like that was worth that much. It's very retro :)
    Your Ugly Wuglyee brooch really is very pretty. I love the bright colours & the rainbow effect.

    1. I know, huh, Jo! ^_^ We didn't know it!...Now we just have to find somebody to buy it!....and the orange one we have too! LOL...And thank you, about my 'Ugly Wuglyee'! :-)


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