Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Screaming "SUMMERTIME!!!"

         No, I'm not talking about the weather! Grrr! It's raining still this morning. The rain doesn't have me screaming summertime.The rain has me screaming "ENOUGH!!!"....What's screaming summertime is the items I came across on Etsy! It looks like everybody's really into summer...sunshine!...light food to eat!!....and fun! :-) 
      Instead of going on and on about the great basketball game last night, the first one of the NBA Finals between the OKC Thunder and the Miami Heat,...but Ooooo Whee! It was a good one!! ^_^...I'm gonna share some of the summer inspired items that caught my eye on Etsy recently. I've been saving them up to show you! ^_^ 

       Not only do these bowls look good, but I could almost smell the barbecue sauce I would put in them after getting my ribs off the grill! :-)

      And, of course, I'd be in a cute outfit that would include me wearing some earrings like these...

      ...and this colorful skirt...

       Any of you who know me in real life know that I'm not joking either. This outfit has "ME" written all over it!!...Except for the shirt and the shoes. I'd have on a more colorful shirt and a slight kitten-heeled shoe. ^_^

       Yes I would!!...And I might be sporting this ring (above)...on my pinkie finger too! LOL I'd give the headband and bracelet to one of my little friends. ^_^ ... What?!!!!...Like you've never worn jewelry that was meant to be worn by a little kid!! LOL

        Whatever!! LOL

         I also saw this little Paper Pillow Gift Box (below) by LaBottegaDiViviana and the colors of it seemed to be screaming 'Summertime'!...

   And talking about 'screaming summer', look at this...

       And look at these...

     Pretty, huh?!....Summery too! :-) ... Speaking of summery, some of you have been having some kind of summer too!
       Elisa, of Elisa...creating memories, while wondering Is it summer yet?, recorded a summer storm they recently had. Not only was there rain from the angry sky, but also.....HAIL!...

       Thankfully, her plants still survived!

           Pammy Sue, of Scotty's Place, was having much better weather this past weekend. This was one of the photos she took when she went out for lunch. You can check out the rest of the story --> HERE <--.

       Ahhhhhh! It reminded me of the cobblestone streets of my home state of Savannah. :-)

      And Melissa, of Lazy Daisy Crochet, was sporting some sunshine too, and she was giving out sunshine. :-) Or, should I say, Sunshine Blogger Awards!...And I got one!!

        Thanks Melissa! :-) I'll try to follow the rules soon...maybe later this week.

      One more thing that's screaming "Summertime!" at me is the calendar! YIKES! Hubby and I are gonna be celebrating our 30th Anniversary in less than a month and a half!!!! I still don't know what we're doing?!...I do know what I want to do for the blog post. Hubby and I want to answer your questions. :-)
      So, start sending us questions y'all! To me, to hubby, or to us as a couple. Anything you wanna know....Well, ALMOST anything! ^_^ {If you don't wanna put your question in a blog comment, just go to my profile above and send it to my email!} We're gonna be compiling the questions to answer on our anniversary...or around there.

      That's it for today!...My bones are screaming "Rest Time!" ^_^ Have a happy Wednesday, Everybody!


Half-Way away from Monday.
Half-Way to the end of the week.
Half-Way with a hump in the middle.
Half-Way, like a quarterback sneak.

Half-Way is what Wednesday is.
Half-Way from where the good times have been.
Half-Way to the goal of beginning.
Half-Way back to now start it again! 

       For any of you that lasted to the end of this post, here's a little bonus for you. If you like dogs....or meringue dancing ^_^ you're gonna love this video!...


  1. Well...first off...could you PLEASE send some of that rain our way?? It's so bone dry here that I'm not sure if anything is going to survive! LOL

    I love your Etsy finds!! I especially love those earrings! Gives me some ideas! LOL And that skirt....right up my alley too!!

    As for questions....the only thing I've wondered about, and I'm sure you won't answer it on your blog, is how you guys came in the Truth. Someday you'll just have to share that with me! :)

    Have a great day my friend. Keep dry or wear that raincoat and your galoshes!! Tee Hee!!

    1. Hi Cindy!!...I'm glad you liked the Etsy finds...and Oh how I wish I could send you some of our raindrops! I'd bag those little babies right up and send them hurling to your area in a shot! ^_^ ...As to your question, why wouldn't I answer it on the blog. I've answered everything else here! ^_^ Truth is, I hought I already told you that story. But anyway, I put it on the list!...Have a good day, Bead! Hopefully a wet one! :-))

  2. This is a great blog and I am marking it so I read it regularly. Thank you for including my hand painted silk scarf in your collection of Etsy Finds!! Terrific way to start my day!!

    Trudy aka Momma Goddess

    1. Hi Trudy! :-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! It was my pleasure to share your beautiful colorful scarf!...And I hope I don't regularly bore you to tears! LOL


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