Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's A 'HIM' And 'HER' Kinda Weekend!

      There's nothing better than starting your weekend with a good night's sleep and some "I Love Lucy" reruns!...I hope that's what some of you are doing...just like me! ^_^ There's nothing better...unless you throw in some blueberry pancakes and a little something for 'him' and for 'her'! :-) 
       I'm off to work on getting me some of those pancakes...and a sausage or two also. :-) ... but first let me show you the things I ran into on a quick search on Etsy for things for 'him' and for 'her'. And let's start with this gorgeous chess set in the header photo!...Do you know any chess-playing 'him' that wouldn't like a chess set made of wood?! Especially a wood chess set with free pieces and two little drawers on either end to hold the pieces!...

      For 'her', how about some coffee scented soy candles...

     Another 'him' gift could be this wood mailbox/sorter...

       These two gifts, the soy candles and the mail sorter, would be great for hubby and I. I could have some relaxing candles to keep me in a sleepy mood...*Yep! Still getting as much sleep as I can! ^_^ *...and he could have somewhere to put his keys so he wouldn't have to keep asking me every day: "Have you seen my keys?!...I know I had them when I......" LOL
      And here's some other gifts that would work specifically for us too.    Some plant markers for my Mr. Garden lover....

      ...and a linen pillow cover set for me! :-) 

      Well, those could be for both of us....kinda sorta. ^_^

      He might prefer a nice card that looks like a suit...

      I'd probably still be the one doing the words on the card though. ^_^

And I'd be writing my card in my slippers...

       Aren't those slippers cute?!....Look at those buttons! :-]

      You could wear these outside too if you wanted to...with an interesting hat...

      I'd just wear them in the house....while I was eating my blueberry pancakes and sausage and sipping on a cup of coffee! ^_^ Hey! We all have our own agendas! LOL...Happy Saturday, Everybody! :-)

Have a good weekend!

Spend some time with your kids,
do the errands you been meaning to do,
do a little grocery shopping,
maybe make a chicken stew.

Organize your messy space,
clean the closets, throw things out,
watch a little mindless T.V.,
and replace the bathroom grout.

Take a walk around the park,
play some board games with your friends,
maybe even cut your hair
(but just a little bit, off the ends).

Take a trip to Grandma's house,
do some gardening in the yard,
give new projects a little finish,
but nothing that might be too hard.

It's the weekend, after all;
It's your week's tail, at a wag;
No need for scurry, hurry, rushing.
No! You want this time to lag!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those slippers!!! I want some! LOL
    Great finds as always. That chess set is gorgeous! I would never be able to afford that one though.
    Hope your pancakes were good and your day is good too! Take care!

    1. I love those slippers too!...especially the buttons! Why didn't I think of making them?!!...And that chess set, $60.00 WITH SHIPPING, seems like a lot...but when you consider that it's real wood, and you get 32 free pieces to go with it, $60.00 is not that bad! I payed more than #30 for my leather bound backgammon set. :-) ... By the way, the pancakes were delicious. No blueberries though. I had banana pancakes instead. YUM! ^_^

  2. That chess set is amazing! I know Angus will love it when I show him. Those slippers are cute too!

    1. I thought so too, Jo! Hubby knows how to play too, but I don't. Otherwise I might have considered getting it! But who is he gonna play with?! ^_^ And we don't need one other "pretty" thing in this house just sitting around getting looked at! LOL...Thanks about the slippers too!


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