Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why?!...What Are You Looking At Around Your House?!

        *Yawn*...Me and 'Backyard Holly' just got up...kinda sorta. :-] And frankly, she's looking better in her morning bathrobe than I am this morning! I'm all gnarled up and creaking like an old farmhouse door, and she's standing out there with open arms, fluttering in the light breeze of the backyard sunrise! :-)
     And, while I look a mess!...she's just beautiful!...

        Hubby can't believe how fast and beautifully the hollyhocks are growing! They're making the backyard look so pretty! :-) They almost make hubby distracted enough not to be mad about his sunflowers!
       He only had two that were growing...Now he only has one! Somebody came into the yard and pulled one up!!!!!....No! I'm not kidding!! Grrrrr!...The nerve!!!!!...Now hubby's got a 'Neighborhood Watch' group of ONE on high alert!....Yeah, that would be HIM! LOL...I have to keep saying: "Why are you staring out the window?" 50 times a day!! ^_^
       So, 'Thank You, Backyard Holly' for giving hubby something else to focus on in the yard! :-) ...Well....that...and the new visitors to the backyard! One of them being the little chipmunk that was staring at us in the window that I showed you a little while back. He's decided that he likes the backyard. He's all over the place out there! :-)
      Hubby thinks he may be up to no good though, because he's seen him going back and forth in the neighbors tomato plants!! ^_^ Hubby keeps joking about seeing a flying chipmunk any day now, when the neighbor realizes what he's doing! LOL I said: "Why don't you just tell the neighbor what's going on?! O_O"...He just smiles at me like I'm the silliest person he's ever seen...I think watching that chipmunk is like watching a reality show on TV for him!! LOL

       The other backyard visitor has fallen in love with our patio...

       It's a humongous slug!! :-)

       Why our patio is so attractive.....we don't know! But, whatever! 'Enjoy yourself out there!...Backyard Holly is!'.....What? O_O ...You don't have slugs and chipmunks in your yard?!....How boring is it around your house?! LOL

     Speaking of houses, Briana, of the blog art life, is renting her sweet little house out! She lives in a quiet neighborhood in a town right near me, in Easthampton Massachusetts. In fact, it's available to rent as of TODAY!
      It has 2 bedrooms, a detached 2-car garage, and all kinds of other attractive features...including the beautiful hard-wood floors!...

      And a cute bathroom!...

       There's a lot of other photos and details on her blog --> HERE <--. If you're looking for a nice place to live in the Massachusetts area,...and you can afford $1550 a month,....can pay the first and last month's security,....and can sign a 12 month renewable lease, then this could be the place for you....right now!
       Okay...hubby is trying to make some rope sausage for breakfast. I may need a gas mask with all of the smoke he's creating!....Ugh! You gotta love husbands with no real cooking skills, but lots of good intentions, right?! ^_^ That's what I get for telling him I was really hungry! O_O...Hey! I'm still alive after some of the other questionable things he cooked!...so I'll vouch for him....if I'm still able to breathe in about a half an hour! ^_^
       Have a good day, Everybody!....And if you hear a fire truck, no worries! It's probably just them coming to take us for a little ride! LOL

  Hungry Stomach

My empty stomach's grumbling
was as noisy as could be!
So demanding in it's urging,
and it's "Hungry" symphony.

I awakened to it's music,
and the fluttering that it caused.
I tried to just ignore it,
with its twist and turning gnaws!

Like a 'stick-in-hand' conductor,
setting music to a riot,
I'll direct some food into it,
so that it will just be QUIET!        


  1. I'm glad you like my pillow covers.
    Holly looks beautiful!

    1. Yes, they're very pretty...And thank you about 'Backyard Holly'. :-)

  2. That's horrible about hubby's sunflower being pulled. What ratbags to have done that to his garden! At least you still have beautiful Backyard Holly!

    1. Hubby thought it was pretty horrible too! I guess somebody else wanted some unique colored sunflowers in their yard too! Grrrr! Thankfully he still has one left, and...as you said...he still has 'Backyard holly'! :-)


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