Monday, June 25, 2012

It's A New Week...And A New Burst Of Creativity!

        I hope you all had a good weekend!...In some ways the weekend was great for us...We had our convention;...I had one of those 'Drumstick' chocolate and nut covered ice cream cones...

       ...something I haven't had in quite a while!...YUM!;...Also the heat wave broke;...and I got to spend oodles of time with my hubby.
        But in other ways it's been a challenging and emotionally tough weekend...We got rain, and, as you know, with rain comes pain for me;...I talked to my dad, and he's in a lot of pain and not feeling well at all :-( ;...I found out that a friend's cancer has returned IN FORCE;...I got my 'friend'...AGAIN! Grrrrr!...UGH! (sorry fellas);...and we had more car trouble. O_0 We had to re-register it. (Something about the plates being in the other owner's name when it was registered the first time. Ugh!) Also the break line now needs to be bled, and we need a catalytic converter!! O_0)
     Needless to say, after all that being said, I'm looking forward to starting a new week. I'm hoping for less challenge, no drama, and more creative wonderfulness! :-] I've got a good feeling about it because the weekend ended with me already in a creative up-burst! :-) I made and SOLD two sets of my little crochet crafting flowers...

    ...and a couple other brooch flowers too!...And I finished and LISTED the turquoise slippers I started! :-)

      My husband thinks I should round the toes a bit. ^_^ But, you know what?!....I like that they don't look like everybody else's slippers with their perfectly rounded toes! Bring on the DIFFERENCE!! LOL

        Hubby does like the buttons that's something! ^_^

      I think, starting today, I'm gonna be all about different colored slippers...yellow, red, green, who knows! :-) ...and I'll be making more tiny crafting 'money-makers'! LOL
       I'm also gonna keep my eye on other creative Etsy shop owners. I can always use inspiration!...Speaking of inspiration, look at these...

      Both of these have my creative wheels turning! :-)

      The only other thing I'm gonna be all about today is TENNIS! :-) Yep! Wimbledon coverage started about a half an hour ago! I'm watching Donald Young's match right now, and I think Novak Djokovic is suppose to play soon...It looks like it's gonna be a good tournament because everybody is 'in the pool' to speak. I'll keep you posted. Don't worry though. I'm not gonna be doing daily updates like I did for the French Open......After all, Wimbledon is Wimbledon. And the French Open is the French Open ("Baby Boy"'s house! ^_^)!! LOL
      So, keep your heads up this week. Have a good...and, everybody! :-)

Head High, Little Girl

Keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Think good thoughts of who you are,
so other girls can take a look.

Your self esteem, little girl,
should be pumped up wherever you can.
But shouldn't depend on prettiness,
or the sugary words of a man.

Your self esteem needs to be balanced.
Not arrogant or smug at it's core.
For the sun does not rise and set on you,
but nor is garbage dumped at your door.

So keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Your self esteem will then be lifted,
and the whole world will take a look.


  1. Im so deeply sorry to hear of your friends cancer returning i hope she is able to recieve the treatment she needs again and that is brought under control. Sorry to hear also that you and your father are in pain. I know all to well what the rain and dampness does to ones body. Its so lovely today to have a bit of warmth and sunshine here instead of rain. Love your slippers there great and to make them in different colours will be smashing and your flowers are gorgeous to. Enjoy your week, and take care, dee x

    1. Hi Dee!...Thanks for nice comment about my slippers! I'm gonna be starting a yellow pair today...And thank you for the sympathies for me, my dad and my friend too. This is a tough world. We're all doing the best we can with it, and staying positive! You know all about that! :-] ...Have a good week, Dee.

  2. Thank you Deb,,now following your beatiful blog.

    1. It was absolutely my pleasure! :-) And welcome to my blog's backyard!

  3. Deb, sorry about the weekend news. Hope your pain already went away.
    There is nothing you can't do, the slippers look great!
    Let's have a fun & creative week!

    1. Hi Priscila,...Thank you for the sympathies about the weekend news, and for the nice words about the slippers! And uhhhh...if only I COULD do anything!! ^_^...And the pain level is very bearable right now. The rain is gone for now. I'm with you. Let's have a fun & creative week! :-]

  4. You're always so positive even with bad news. Hope this week is all you expect. And you can add me to the fans of those blue slippers. A little different style than what I'm used to seeing. I like the button too.

    1. Awwww! That's so nice of you to sayyyy! Thank you. That's exactly what I try to do for myself....say it like it is, but keep it up-building and a learning experience if necessary. After all, life is gonna be life! And we're gonna have to deal with it irregardless, right?! :-) By the way, the week is already off to a better start than the weekend, so GOOD!! ^_^ I hope your week is good too!...{Also....YAY! I'm not the only one that likes my funky square toed slippers!!! LOL}

  5. I knew your slippers would look amazing now that they're finished. I quite like the square look of them too. It makes them very unique :)

    1. Awwww! Thanks, Jo! :-) I kinda like 'em myself! But of course, I might be the slightest bit biased! LOL


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