Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Been A Week Of Boomers!

     "Bae!...I think somebody's knocking!!" I said, in my half sleep voice...Hubby calmly said: "No. It's thundering. It's been doing it for a while."...And so my Sunday begins...with more 'boomers'! But this time 'weather' boomers!
     It's been a rough week, folks...boomer-wise I mean. O_O I haven't been talking about it too much, because I like to keep it as upbeat as I can around here. But life sometimes gets in the way of 'upbeat'...and makes you wanna beat-it-down!!!...I mean, who knew when the week started that it would end with a sinkhole in town, bad news everywhere, and the personal news of three unexpected deaths?!!!! :-(
     All I wanted to do this week was watch some tennis....and get some naps!!...'Life!'...Ugh!

     Anyway!...I'm coping and dealing, as is everyone, right?!...And I'm still finding positive things to put my mind my meeting at the Kingdom Hall at the U.S. Open....and my Wuglyees shop! :-)
    The Watchtower magazine study article for today is: "Let Jehovah's Discipline Mold You". I'm gonna pay close attention!...Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens play each other at the Open today! EXCITING!! :-) ...And my shop?!...Well, I've been tweaking some things...trying to become more web-visible! :-)

     This is now my avatar for my Wuglyees shop...

     Yeah, you've seen him before. :-) This is the photo one of my customers sent me after he got his boutonniere. He gave me permission to use it...It's a great picture! Much better than any I've taken!! ^_^
        I decided to put it on my shop banner...along with some of my other boutonnieres and lapel pins! :-) And, thanks to Picassa, I was able to collage them all together...

     ...and then add them to my shop banner!! :-) ...

     So, from now on out, if you're looking for men's lapel flowers, look for the colorful Wuglyees banner with the boutonnieres, Wuglyee bear, lapel pins, and a bird!! ^_^ 
     The original banner was done by littlefoxphotos. I love her birdie so much that I just can't part with him! :-) So I left him to look at my boutonnieres and lapel pins from the right, while my boutonniere-wearing man, and Wuglyee bear, look at them from the left! ^_^
    Hey! We gotta have something to smile at around here...before the week is a total BOOM!!! :-)) ... I'd love to know what you think of my new banner. Leave me a message, will ya!...And have a good rest of the weekend. :-)

 Never As Expected

Why can't things go as expected?
No left turn. No oops!...'Snafu'!
There's always got to be a fly
in the ointment, soup or stew!

Why can't things go as they should,
Without a hitch, impending doom?
Instead of 'Steady as she goes'!
There's always Click, click, click! Then BOOM!!


  1. Sorry about all the bad news this week Wug. I know the meeting will be encouraging for you. My Bible Student lost her husband in death last week too. I was at school, so did what I could to help her. I am so looking forward to death coming to an end!

    On a brighter note...enjoy your tennis today! I really like your avatar and new banner look too! Hope it helps in sales for you. If you learn a secret...let me in on how, okay? LOL
    Have a wonderful day my sister!

    1. Thank you very much for the nice thoughts, and the encouragement about my shop banner, Cindy! And you were right about the meeting. It was very encouraging...By the way. I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your Bible student's husband. :-( Soooo much death these days! Please give her my condolences, and let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her too now.


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