Thursday, September 12, 2013

Uh Oh!...Stream Of Consciousness...Coming Atcha!!

      Usually I take at least a couple of minutes to organize my thoughts about what I'm gonna talk about here on the blog. This morning....I don't wanna! LOL I just wanna talk!!!
      So I'll start with the weather....UGH! As you can see in the photos it's rainy, dark, and just plain YUCKY! It's also ridiculously humid!..Let me see. Who do I call about this?!....Uhhhhh....."Hello. Fall....WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!" O_O
    We had a thunder booming storm that hit the backyard rough last night. My poor little yellow flowers took it on the chin....Well, one of them did! ^_^ They both were standing tall and proud. But if you look closely in the photo below you'll see that the one on the right could now be renamed 'lazy Susan'! ^_^

     A little more rain, and we might be able to call it 'Drooped'! LOL...In all sincerity though, I'm not 'that' upset about it...because I'm HIGHLY allergic to these little yellow 'babies'. I'm glad they're OUT THERE...while I'm IN HERE! LOL...Something tells me that a little 'sock on the chin' from a thunder storm isn't gonna keep it down for long though! I'm sure my sneezy nose will be avoiding it's upright gaze again soon! :-)

      Why do I bother looking at the news?! O_O There's always such CRAZY stuff going on!!!!...A doctor put on gloves and a mask, drove six hours to his son-in-law's house (who is also a doctor), and when his son-in-law was coming out of the house....he attacked him!!! O_O
      The crazy if that wasn't crazy enough...was that, in the struggle, his son-in-law overpowered him!!! And as he was holding him down the father-in-law called the son-in-law's name, and asked him to let him go!!!! O_O ... C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!
      Apparently the father-in-law (doctor father-in-law ^_^) is now in jail, and facing a 25 year sentence for attempted murder!!!...Yep!...He had syringes and medicine and all kinda stuff in the car that he drove over to his son-in-law's house!!! O_O

     Can I just say: "UGH!!!!!!"...Why, you ask?!...Because yet another supplement, a multi-vitamin, that we take on a regular basis, has disappeared from the grocery store shelves!!!! O_O Now, what am I gonna do?!...I can't take a lot of the others because of my sensitivities to so many things. (The multi-vitamin we take...well, 'took'...didn't have additives, starch, etc...It was a vegetarian multiple.)
     This is what has happened to my supplements: I was taking St John's Wort for focus in my scattery brain....I was told to discontinue it when I started taking my blood pressure meds. O_O I still don't understand why, but I stopped taking it....That explains some things about my brain these days, now doesn't it?! Ha! Ha!
      We were taking Chromium...(a special kind...that I can't think of the name of right now)...and it was discontinued! O_O I suppose I could go and find some other brand, and go through the 'rig-a-ma-role' of checking dosage, and additives, and .....UGH!...but I don't wanna!!
      Then our 1000 milligram, sustained release, vitamin C, which we used to buy from a particular company...because of the lack of 'stuff' in it...We can't find it anywhere!!!...and the company no longer carries it....and the company has changed the product labels on some of it's other supplements!! AARGH!!!!!! Why can't people just leave things alone?!!!'s the multi-vitamins! Grrrrrr!...Is it any wonder I'm not feeling my usual 'pulled together' self lately?!....Oh! You didn't know that, did you?! ^_^ ... Never mind!!!! Look at the hummingbird feeder!...

     ...And if you see a hummingbird....HOLLER! LOL They're only showing up once or twice a day now, and I don't wanna miss 'em!...Although, maybe they just got wind of the thunder storm before I did, and they'll be back today! :-) I'll let you know! green tea with lemon!...and Gloria Esteban singing an old standard....Now this is the start of a better day! :-) ... I hope yours is too!

I only have one brain

There have been times when I felt that I needed
an extra brain to remember some stuff.
An extra noggin to handle the chaos,
when my life and my schedule got tough.

A much bigger cranium for non-essentials;
Somewhere to go when my brain wants to bail.
An extra universe inside my skull space,
where I could place all my 'Mental Junk Mail'.

But, knowing my thinking, there's no use
having two places for my mind to stretch.
Two places to toss around ideas.
Just more balls of ideas I can't catch!

My one brain is an occupied scramble.
A pink-celled, forgetful and frustrated mess!
Do I need another brain somewhere,
holding problems that I must address?

No, I have enough things to focus on.
Things so confusing and numerous to do.
So it's a good thing I only have one brain!
What in the world would I ever do with two!


  1. WHY!? I told you it was a good question!! This world is just one big WHY!
    As for that goldenrod outside your window...EVERYBODY is allergic to it! We call it a weed here (although it is pretty). So many friends coughing, sneezing and blowing their noses because of it.
    I hadn't heard about that doctor incident. I haven't had time to look at the news this morning. Wow!! Crazy indeed!!
    We had your weather yesterday. Take it it's cool and no humidity with sunshine! It's coming your way! :)
    AND...I do understand about going to buy things you are accustomed to using and find that they no longer carry them!! Frustrating!! What's up with that?? LOL
    Anyway...have a good day! :D

    1. Ha! Ha!....Why?...It is a good question! ^_^ So are these..."Who do they think....?"..."How in the world....?"..."WHAT?!!!!" LOL This world is CRAZY!!!....ACHOOO!!!!...That is all!! Ha! Ha!


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