Monday, September 30, 2013

Even Spiders Are Taking Advantage Of The Fall Weather!

      YAY...It's Fall! :-) My favorite season of the year!...And if you look at the changing colors of the leaves in the backyard you'll see why!...

      Well...some of the leaves are changing....Some are dying!...

      They're making room for all of the snow of Winter, the flowers of Spring, and the gloriousness of Summer for next year! :-) Bye, Bye, leaves!...

       And in amongst all of the color of Fall that's in the another bit of creativity forming! :-) ...

      "Oh Yes He Did!!!" ^_^ ...

      Right in the same tree where my hummingbirds just recently were flitting back and forth to steal a little nectar!...

      Now, generally speaking, I'm not a fan of spiders. Especially not spiders that I find inside the house!...*cold shiver!*...And especially not spiders who look like they could grow large enough to tote my house away!!! LOL Okay...maybe that's exaggerating a bit...but just 'a BIT!' O_O ...*Another COLD SHIVER!*
      All of that aside, I had to marvel at the web this HUGE spider spun!...Look at it!!...

      It's amazing!!!!

       Okay...the marveling part is over!...Would it be wrong to now wish for a strong wind?! O_O ...*C-O-L-D...S-H-I-V-E-R!!!!!!* ...

     Have a good Monday, Everybody! :-)

You Ever Watch A Spider?

You ever watch a spider,
when he's working out his plan?
He's amazing in his 'know how',
and his determination's grand!

He spins a web and sits there,
waiting for the winds to change;
For dinner to come to him,
with no stove or oven range!

It seems a 'wee bit' gory
as he wraps his dinner tight.
But no 'Seran Wrap', tape, or foil;
just 'know how', as to do it right!

But what amazes me
 is not the way the spider dines.
It's all the prep work of the web,
which, in the sun, just shines.

The web is perfect in it's shape,
and sturdiness, and flare.
And how, through everything,
it simply sways and stays right there!

You ever watch a spider,
and wonder where it gets it's brain?
Were you watching from a couch,
or were you standing in the rain?!

When you see a spider work,
no matter where this work might be,
You can't help marvel at him,
and his creative oddity!


  1. BIG spider!! Eeekkkk!!!!
    Nice colors starting in your backyard! Just starting to change here too!
    Enjoy the beautiful fall day! :D

    1. He sure is!!!!!! LOL And he's still swinging out there in the breeze this morning too!!...I have to say, he picked a nice backdrop for his web though, huh?! ^_^Enjoy your day too, Bead! ♥

  2. Oh, beautiful those colors and even the spider web! For a change, we are experiencing cool weather here in Georgia in September (a first in the 7 years we've lived here) and it really feels like fall. The big color change doesn't arrive here until November and I'm already looking forward to it!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Silke

    1. Awwww! Thank you, Silke! :-) I'm so glad you could appreciate my HUGE little visitor. :-)) ... And enjoy the cool weather in Georgia too. That's where I'm from originally, but I remember cool weather coming around the end of September, beginning of November. So that was normal for us. Who knows WHAT the weather is doing nowadays!! LOL...But whenever it gets there, I think it's gonna be beautiful this year! ENJOY!! :-]


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