Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Will You Do On This Saturday?!

      I was gonna start this post out by telling you all about my 'virtual date', but since that's a 'crossroads' tale...I decided to pass. ^_^ Instead I'll just let you know that it involved some quiet time...and some music...Stevie Nicks (of 'Fleetwood Mac') and Lady Antebellum to be exact! :-) 
      Now it's the day AFTER the 'virtual date'. Now What?! O_O ... I know! I'll tell you what I'll be doing today!...

     Having a 'cuppa' tea, of course! :-) ...

     Maybe I'll write a few letters, or a poem or two. (It has been a while!) ...

      Maybe I'll make some jewelry...I sure have enough beads!!...

     ...I've got plenty yarn and stuff too! case I decide to crochet some jewelry...

      But before I go off to do......SOMETHING! ^_^...I wanna thank Anne for the ability to tell you what I'll be doing this Saturday! :-) I used a bunch of the items that she chose for her 'Colors Of The Sea' Etsy Treasury (below)! :-) ...

      Thank you, Anne! :-) ... And thank you for including my 'already crocheted' car button necklace!! :-) ...

     So...what are you bloggers doing on this fine Saturday?! :-)

That Something Different

I like things that are different.
Things that somehow catch my eye.
Things not quite 'Just The Same'.
Things that make me want to buy.

I can't put my finger on it
as to why they move me so.
They're not whimsical or gory;
And not lavish. This I know.

Sometimes it's just their color.
Other times it's how they're worn;
Or Sometimes it's just how beautifully
they're painted, sewn, or torn.

With 'Different' as the gauge,
it could be most anything.
I guess that's why I keep on looking.
Hoping for that 'Different' zing.

When I find that 'Something Different',
I'll pay cash or click or dial;
Or I may just show it off;
(Like I just did) and sit and smile.


  1. Starting my Saturday with you has mad me quite happy. What a lovely post!

    1. ^_^ I'm glad to hear it, Mary!...And thank you!!

  2. Oh my ! such a lovely post. Really enjoyed to read it . Many thanks for featuring my mosaic tiles:)

    Happy sales everyone

    much love, Margalit

    1. Hi Margalit!...Thank you so much!! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!!...And it was my pleasure, sharing your tiles!! ♥


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