Sunday, September 8, 2013

Well, We Have To Warm Ourselves...Don't We?!

     Usually, on Pancake Sunday morning, around this time, I'm sitting somewhere scarfing down a stack of pancakes! But due to my stomach not tolerating too much of the bread products these days, I've decided to save my 'scarfing' for smaller a nacho or two, or a peanut butter cookie or two...or three. ^_^
      So, breakfast will be more of a warming ordeal today...Not a 'fill-me-up' ordeal. And I'm already sipping on my green tea with honey and lemon right now!...while wishing it was a cup of earl grey tea, with cream and sugar! LOL...(I've updated my warming preference a bit to a more 'refined' palate taste! ^_^) 

      And "No!"...I'm not gonna take any of your time this morning telling you about tennis...Or showing off any more of my crochet lapel pins...Uhhhhhh....but that's just for TODAY! :-) The reason is because I don't have the time! I have an early meeting today...(And 'just-saying' WOW!!! O_O What a great Watchtower magazine article we're studying today!!!!!)
      Before I leave you to YOUR pancakes...or tea...or coffee...or sleep! ^_^...let me share some cute 'warmers' that aren't eatable or drinkable! :-) ...


     They're so cute!!! :-) And yes, they're fun too!...I mean our kids we could be bare-fingered and frozen handed...but why!... when they're little 'digits' can be warm, and they can have fun with yarn and animals?! ^_^ I mean they have to warm themselves anyway, don't they?! ^_^

     Okay...I'm off to finish warming myself...inside and out!...and then I'M OUT!!! LOL Have a good Sunday, Everybody! :-) ...... Oh Yeah! Do you have time for a poem?!

If you don't have time for a poem

If you don't have time for a poem...
(not to write one, I mean to emote)...
then you don't have time to be sitting
and reading this short little note.

And you don't have time for a 'breather',
to pause for a small bit of rest.
No time for a moment's reflection.
No time for a giggle and jest.

No, you don't have the time some are wasting,
with schedules that they have to keep.
No time to be spending on verbiage,
whether shallow or thoughtfully deep.

If you don't have time for a poem,
Then you don't have time for me!
So get up and get yourself going,
there's somewhere else that you ought to be!! :-)


  1. Enjoy your meeting today and the "meat" in that Watchtower lesson! I just finished looking up some of the older articles. I decided NOT to read them, so I don't confuse myself any more than I already am!! LOL Actually the faithful slave has made them very easy to understand. We also talked about them thoroughly at pioneer school.
    Enjoy your meeting and your day!

    Those cookies look yummy!!

    1. I know I will enjoy it, Cindy! :-) And, like you, I don't want to put 'old' in the brain...NEW is what needs to stay!!!...My poor brain has problems remembering 'me' these days! No need confusing it!! LOL...But HOW EXCITING, Huh?!!!!! :-)... Have a good one, my friend! Chatting after the meeting is gonna be furious today!! :-))

  2. The cookies look very yummy..and I would enjoy them as much as any pancake! (I made pancakes on Sat. for my Grandkiddos visiting!) I hope your day was great and your tummy is doing fine too! I love the mittens..I would have enjoyed those as a kid myself!

    1. I agree, Yaya! I thought they looked good too. Too bad I didn't have any in the house so that I could tell you first hand how they tasted! ^_^But pancakes they are not!!...By the way, I had a great day! And the tennis matches were superb today! Congrats to Serena Williams! :-)


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