Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Tuesday...This Is How I Roll!"

     "Yeah, I'm Up!"...but I'm not awake...yet! ^_^ But even when I'm not completely awake I can still talk! That's just how I roll! LOL...And this morning I wanna talk about this cute owl pillow!...

     Yes! Owls are still 'in'! :-) And they've been 'in' for a long time! In fact, my Etsy search every morning comes across at least one owl...usually more than one! But they're so cute...and Etsian's are so creative in the way they display them...that I don't mind at all. Bring on the owls!! :-)

      I also wanna talk about this bracelet!...

     I'm not that much of a bracelet wearer...that's just how I roll!...but I still can admire a beautiful turquoise bracelet...that's sharing the color of my latest crochet boutonniere set...just saying! ^_^ AND it has a flower!!! :-) 

     Also, I wanna talk about how cute 'Fall Inspired' jewelry is...especially this necklace!...

      Wouldn't this look pretty with a tweed skirt, or a plain white sweater?! :-) Of course, not everybody would wear it the same way I would. But if I was dressing for Fall, plain white sweaters and tweed skirts is how I would roll! :-)

      And lastly...as far as Etsy finds is concerned...I wanna talk about pincushions....Or should I say 'THIS' pincushion! :-) ...

      He's like the superhero of pincushions! ^_^ And look at all of those cute colored pins!!! :-)

     Okay...I'm MORE awake now. And I can tell you that hubby's sister is gone. He loved seeing her, and hopes it won't be that long before he sees her the next time. :-) ♥ ... I can also tell you that my hummingbirds are 'officially' gone now...I think. One flew up to the window while I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone yesterday!! 
     He totally ignored the feeder, and instead came over to the window and looks at me! He flew left and right, tipping his little head, trying to look in the window!! ;_; Yes...I teared up. It was sorta like he was saying:

        "Hi Poetesswug! I got almost all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico and remembered that I hadn't said 'Thank You' and 'Goodbye'! So I had to dart back and give you a little wave. Okay...gotta go. See ya next year!"

     Okay...so hummingbirds don't talk. I get that!...But I talk!...for them! ^_^ ...

     Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Family Perspective

When we're all together we are--
Massively talkative,
argumentative, competitive;
adaptive, adhesive,
so much fun, addictive.

When we want to be, we are--
acceptive, accommodative,
attentive, creative;
appreciative, inclusive,
enjoyably cooperative.

When you catch us on a bad day we're--
aggressive, combative,
allusive, explosive;
assertive, offensive, ,
over-protective, combustive..

When we take the time to think we are--
assertive, affective,
adoptive, non-corrosive;
attractive, progressive,
apprehensive, but non-subversive.

But what our family mostly is, is--
actively responsive,
communicative, acceptive,
Positive, supportive;
And as a spiritual collective,
moved by one directive.

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