Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sleepy Eye...And Flowers!

      This owl print by donifolk says it all for me this morning!...I'm tired...I have one eye open...and I have a pillow at the ready, just in case a nap just slips up on me! ^_^ The reason is because my mind was reeling too much to go to sleep last night. Or should I say to 'stay' asleep!
    We got some family news last night that was kinda surprising. We're still trying to sort out the details of it...which I won't bore you with...And I was watching Denis Istomin and Andy Murray battling it out on the tennis court too!!...Andy Murray won! ^_^ Oh, how I love the second week of the U.S. Open!!! :-)
      The result?!....Up and down...back and forth...flipping and flopping....ALL NIGHT! O_O Needless to say...I'm kinda outta it this morning...*sigh*...So, I'm just gonna show you the two brooches I made for my girlfriend...My girlfriend who gave me this yarn as a gift! :-) THANK YOU!!!...

     You'll have to trust me when I tell you that they are as soft as they are 'flowery'! :-)

      And between naps I made these lapel pins too!...

      If my brain and sleep catches up to each other some time today, I may list them in the Wuglyees shop...But don't hold me to that! Let's just 'play it by ear'...or by sleepy eye! LOL
       Have a good day...hump day...Everybody! :-)

My Brain, My Brain

My brain, my brain, just does
what it wants and when it wants!
Some days, all of the positives
is what it flips and flaunts.

It triggers really fast,
and all my brain cells start to meet.
It stores all kinds of things,
and it just runs long, without feet!

It fires happiness,
is organized, remembers well.
But then that "Bing!" will come
as if someone just hit a bell.

It slows and starts to ponder.
And what it ponders isn't good!
Those days it might as well
be just a solid block of wood.

Can't remember what to do,
or worse, what it already did;
Thoughts are scattered everywhere
and all my memories are hid.

Yes, my brain, my brain, just does
what it wants and how it wants!
My job is staying with it,
and responding when it taunts. 


  1. I hope your family news wasn't terrible. :/
    Love the thank you gifts! So pretty! And the new lapel pins are some great colors too! Have a wonderful day today (after that long nappy-poo)!

    1. We're still trying to sort the news out, Bead...but if it's what it's terrible! :-( I'll keep you up to date....By the way, thank you for the nice words about the new pins...Have a good day, my friend. ♥

  2. Wednesday's are usually super busy at is no exception..but for some reason I like them! Probably because Jack drives me to work and I don't have to walk the 1/4 mi from the parking lot! Hope you have a great day full of flowers and tennis!

    1. Well, enjoy that work day then, Yaya! ^_^ I guess it helps when you love what you do, right?!...and you love spending time with your spouse! :-)


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