Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Monday!...Let's Remember Things We Forgot!

    In case you don't recognize them, and you're wondering: "What in the world is that!" (header photo) Let me tell you! ^_^ They're roasted, salted, pistachios!!...DELICIOUS roasted, salted, pistachios!...or, in other words, my 'Pancake Sunday' substitutes! :-)
     Have you ever had one of those times where you remembered that you had forgotten that there was  something you loved?! LOL I sounds confusing. To explain, my brother-in-law gave my hubby a bag of these delicious pistachios this weekend, and hubby shared them with me...or, in other words, they are now MINE, MINE, MINE!!! ^_^
     I have always been a fan of roasted nuts...almonds,  pecans, walnuts, etc. And whenever we can break the bank...because they can be expensive!!...I get me some! :-) But I haven't bought roasted pistachios since....hmmmm...since....WOW!....It's been a LONG time!! O_O
    But when I bit into these delicious 'babies' yesterday!.......Ummmmmm!!! I had forgotten how good they are!!....Okay. So, they don't look so good. In fact they look like some kind of fungus might be growing inside the shell or something. ^_^ But it's not! That's just the salt on the fleshy green pistachio. Yum, Yum, YUM!

    I had forgotten how good pistachios are!...and when I got to crocheting this weekend...after finally getting some sleep! Ugh!...I remembered that I had forgotten how pretty silver looks when you crochet with it! :-)

     Yes...I'm still slowly working on my 'made-to-order' crochet wedding set for the Wuglyees Etsy shop. At the moment I'm focused on wedding brooches for the bride and her bridesmaids. But I'm also gonna be making some boutonnieres and lapel pins for grooms and their groomsmen.
        Right now I'm trying to make different designs using the same colors. For now, it's my Turquoise, white, and silver phase. :-)) So, let me ask you, if you were a bride, would you want a crochet flower brooch to pin to your bridal shrug that has white on the outer layer?...

     ...or a brooch pin with silver on the outer layer?!...

     And think about the fact that this silver lame' really sparkles when the light hits it!!...

     I can't wait to get to the men's boutonnieres and show you them with the turquoise on the outside! ^_^ I'm kinda zoned in on crochet right now. Please forgive. :-)) Although, if any of you have been watching the news over the weekend, you know 'why' I'm focused on crochet!! :-( The world seems to be going crazy, doesn't it?!
      I'm saying prayers for all of my friends in Kenya...and in Colorado...and in Holyoke...and....and.....! *sigh* We need the new system of things soon, don't we?! (If you don't know what that means, you can check out the website

    So, let's remember some good things today...and do some good things...and maybe even listen to some good things! ^_^ That's what I'm off to do right now...and crochet, of course. :-)) Have a good day, Everybody!


Why do we get nostalgic
for the places of our past?
For the music and the people
who were in our high school class?

Why do we get nostalgic
for the foods we used to eat?
Like your mom's banana pudding,
boiled pig ears and chicken feet?

Why do we get nostalgic
for old bikes we once rode on?
And for buying penny candy
at a time that's long since gone?

Why do we get nostalgic
for long conversations had
when our cousins used to visit
(That was-til we all got mad)?!

Why do we get nostalgic?
Frankly, I'm  sure I don't  know,
'cause I sat and wrote a poem
like a true nostalgia pro! 


  1. OMG, those flower brooches are gorgeous! I love the silver with them. And personally, I like the one with the silver as the outer layer - I think it'll have a little more contrast when pinned on the shrug (assuming the shrug is white).

    And pistachios - I can't have them in the house very often because I will eat them all (ALL!!) in one sitting. I have absolutely no self control when it comes to pistachios or cashews...

    xoxo Silke

    1. Why, thank you, Silke! :-) I need all the feedback I can get for my little 'babies'!...And I would have chosen the one with the outer layer being silver too! ^_^ FLASH! That's what you want on your wedding day, right?! :-)...And about the pistachios...ditto!

  2. I agree with Silke! Those ARE beautiful!!! I also love the silver in them. Really makes them striking!!!
    I know what you mean about the new system. For sure!!! This world is going mad!! There is no respect anymore for human life or anything else for that matter. Scary!!!

    1. Awwww! Thanks, Bead! :-) So I guess I made the right decision this time, with the silver! ^_^ ... And yes indeedy! This world is going crazy!!! Oh, the peace we're gonna have when the earth is all united and peaceful!!!!!!....SOON!!!!!!


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