Thursday, September 5, 2013

If You Could Be Looking At Anything You Wanted To Right Now...

      Isn't that a beautiful painting?! :-) The colors are a beautiful feast for the eyes this early in the morning!...Well, it's early in the morning 'here'! I'm not sure what time it is where 'you' are! ^_^ You understand what I mean?!....No?! O_O ...Okay, let me show you...

     The above photo is what I'm looking at out my window right now!...kinda dark, pre-sunrise...kinda chilly, pre-Autumn...kinda...hey!...look at the yellow flowers!!! :-) Where did they come from?! They weren't there yesterday!!!
       And believe it or not, a hummingbird just landed at the feeder too! :-) I know better than trying to take the camera out again...he's waaaaay too fast for that! ^_^ But let me just's a great thing to be looking at right now....*Ahhhhhhh!*
       So, that begs the question...what would I like to be looking at if I could be looking at anything this morning...besides blue and orange paintings, yellow backyard flowers, and hummingbirds?!.....Well, I'll tell you!...

       I'd like to be looking at some chocolate wrapped in peanut butter!!!!...and don't let it escape your notice that the above chocolate and peanut butter goodie also has BACON!!! ^_^ ...*drooling*... What can I say! That...and a song by Chaka Khan...was what I woke up with on my mind this morning! ^_^ And no!...there never really is any rhyme or reason when you're dealing with a 'Wug' brain like mine! LOL

     'My' brain aside...what could 'YOU' be looking at right now?!....Hmmmm...if you're a mom, you could be looking at this!...

      Oh! If only I had a little one year old baby girl!! ^_^ ... But then that would bring up a whole other set of questions and problems this 'Wug' brain can't handle this morning!....So, never mind!! LOL

     If you're a writer of poetry, like myself, you could be looking at this journal this morning...

     ...and I hope that yours wouldn't be staring back at you, with that "What is wrong with you?!" look in it's my current one is doing!! ^_^ Yeah, it's been a while since I was inspired to pick it up. My typing finger has been getting all of the love. :-) ....hunt......peck......hunt.......peck! Ha! Ha!

     If you're a handsome, dapper, gentleman, with a formal event, or a wedding, to could be looking at some of my new lapel pins right now! :-) ... This is the variegated red (below)...

     ...This is the variegated 'stormy skies' (below)...

     I sure hope somebody is looking through my Wuglyees shop for some lapel pins! O_O I've been hearing crickets in there for a few days now!! LOL

     In other news, let's talk sports! ^_^ I know you can't be looking at this right now...because today's coverage (U.S. Open tennis) doesn't start for another two and a half hours or so! ^_^ But I was looking at it last night, and WOW!!!
      Victoria Azarenka and Rafael Nadal put 'beat downs' on their opponents!!...Now Victoria Azarenka (on the right below) is through to the semi-finals with a 6-2 6-3 win over Daniela Hantuchova...She'll be playing Flavia Pennetta (on the left below) for a place in the final...

      And my 'baby boy', Rafael Nadal on the left below...for those of you who might have been living under a rock!! LOL), eased his way into the semi-finals with a 6-0 6-2 6-2 win over Tommy Robredo...Next stop? Playing Richard Gasquet (on the right below) for a spot in the men's final...

     I.....L-O-V-E......the second week of the matter what major tennis tournament it is!...Wimbledon, The Australian Open, The French Open, or the U.S. Open!...That's when the field has narrowed down to the 'goodies'!! And...Ooooo.....wheee! It's nothing but goodie players from here to Monday coming!...(And that was no mistake, me saying Monday, either. The U.S. Open final is pushed to Monday this year...and maybe next year too...because of the new roof and building projects going on in, and around, the New York tennis stadiums of the U.S. Open.)

     And just so you know that my head isn't completely turning left and right, back and forth, over a tennis's some more sports news! :-) ...

      Congratulations to David Ortiz on his career hit 2,000!...YAY for baseball!!! ^_^ more bit of news and then I'm out!....It's about 'The Big E'...local folks, HEADS UP!! ^_^... It'll be from September 13-29, 2013!...In other words...SOON!!!! ^_^ ...Okay....DONE! :-)
     Now I'm looking at the time right now! YIKES!!!!.....Have a good day, everybody!....Bye!


This world is like a pond in which
you can't help but get wet.
We are like the fish snatched up
into the fisher's net.

The pond-it represents all of
our jobs and bills and debt,
that we swim in every day,
chasing the bait that's hard to get.

The world throws out a line
that we follow to the top;
Then we're pulled away from safety,
and on land we flip and flop.

Even if we get away,
we're now wounded, dry and tired,
`cause we've jumped out of the frying pan,
and now we're in the fire!


  1. Great post, thanks for the nice feature :)

    1. Thanks! :-) ... And it was my pleasure!


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