Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Monday!...But I'm Not Feeling Monday-ish!

      On Mondays I'm most of us, probably...physically dragging from the weekend...But not today! :-) For the first time in months the air here in Holyoke Massachusetts is cooler...There's a crispness in the air...and the air conditioner didn't have to be on through the night! YAY!!!...Fall is finally almost here...I think! 
      That's why...on a Monday, after a great weekend...I'm not feeling Monday-ish!...I'm feeling kinda Fall-ish! ^_^ You know...the Monday of FALL! :-) 
      The Fall Monday when you feel like pulling out the winter fruits and veggies...The Fall Monday when you feel like pulling out the hot apple cider or cocoa...

      ...The Fall Monday when you feel like pulling out the warm sweaters from the drawer!...

     ...The Fall Monday when you feel like jumping up and down for joy because the U.S. Open men's tennis championships have been pushed to.....a Fall-like Monday!! ^_^ No! It's not 'actually' Fall yet!...but don't burst my Fall bubble!!!!!! I'm on a roll! ^_^ And I'm looking forward to popcorn and cocoa, hot soup and crackers, and maybe even a bit of pumpkin loaf, while I watch the men's championship later today! ^_^

     I love Fall! :-) ... And I love 'THIS' Monday!!! ^_^

      By the way, all of this chitter-chatter came to you due to the fact that nothing else is going on!!! ^_^ No hummingbirds at the rain...etc. Be happy! ^_^ And have a good day, Everybody!

What do YOU talk about?

What do YOU talk about
when you don't have much to say?
A short phrase about the weather?
Or the 'fine'-ness of the day?

Do you ask: "How do you do?",
hoping they won't say a thing?
Or just say: "Call me tomorrow",
hoping that the phone won't ring?

Do you lend yourself to grins,
and slight noddings of the head,
knowing big smiles and eye contact
would make you committed to what they said?

What do YOU talk about
when your 'talker' is 'on the blink'?
Not hardly much at all.
Certainly not much as you would think!


  1. It feels like fall is around the corner here as well. The geese are calling, the temperature is a little cooler and it even smells like autumn.
    Thanks for including my picture on your lovely post.
    Be well,

    1. Ahhhhhh!....Geese! :-] How nice!...Enjoy!...And by the way, sharing your picture was entirely my pleasure!!...Have a good day!

  2. I love fall myself. Unfortunately we are experiencing thundershowers and hot and humid conditions for the next couple of days.....sorry. THEN more fall like weather!

    Enjoy your gorgeous day Wug! We did yesterday! :)

    1. Oh No! Thunder showers?!!!...Well, I hope that doesn't mean it's heading our way, Bead! O_O Maybe we'll just skip the thunder showers this time! ^_^


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