Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Knock, Knock!"...."Who's There?!...."Sunday."...."Sunday Who?!"....

      Who's There?!.....It's Me! ^_^ It's me...being silly because of lack of sleep! Yep! Again!...While I was trying to catch up on some sleep through a lot of napping yesterday...because of waking up early yesterday morning because I couldn't sleep the night before!...I somehow threw my sleeping pattern all out of whack!
     Needless to say, I'm not in the mood for pancakes! Pancakes that will make me feel bloated and yucky...and more tired than I already am! O_O Isn't it fun reading my blog today?! ^_^ ... Okay. Maybe not! Therefore I'm not gonna bore you with my 'blathering on' any longer. Instead I'm gonna show you a few Etsy items that caught my eye! :-) ...

     "Varoom! Varoom!" ^_^


     Amd "Awwwwwww!" :-( Her heart is broken! LOL...But her creativity is completely intact!!

      And last, but not least, something to remind me that we are close to Fall/Autumn!...

       Actually, I don't really need to look on Etsy to remind me that Fall/Autumn is here! I can look right in my backyard!...The leaves are changing so pretty in my farther back woods. It's like having bush fires peeping through the pines...but without the actual fires. ^_^ It's just blazings of color! what are you doing today?!...Me?!...I'm going to try to get some sleep, take in some 'spiritual food' at my meeting, work on my crochet wedding boutonniere and brooch set, stay away from pancakes and bad conversation, and just generally rejuvenate myself for the week ahead. :-] Starting........Right........NOW!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody!

All My Plans Unfurled

With all my plans unfurled today,
and nothing urgent pressing me,
I might crochet another scarf
or have a steeping cup of tea.

I might watch an old movie,
or take a nap, just for a minute.
Or I might take out a book to read,
or jot a few nice words down in it.

When you don't have any children,
and no job to do from home.
You can stay in your pajamas,
and have hair you don't have to comb.

Yes, with all my plans unfurled,
there could be lots that I could do.
It's always true...I could be busy,
but kinda nice I don't 'have to'!


  1. Enjoy your day and get some sleep! LOL
    Enjoy your meeting too! I know I will! :D

    1. Hi, Bead! :-] I 'did' enjoy the meeting! And I know you did too!...I'm well fed now, and looking for opportunities to feed others! ^_^ ... Speaking of which, hubby just got a new B.S. yesterday!! I may get to hep feed him! :-] Enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!

  2. The owl is Granddaughter has been into the owl craze for a few years now and I get a kick out of finding little treasures for her. Sorry no pancakes for today but I'm sure you enjoyed your day anyway. Hope the week is a colorful, fall adventure!

    1. I agree, Yaya! I love the owl too!...And if you like owls you should go over to the Etsy search bar and hit "owls". Ooooo Whhee! There's a lot of owls on every shape, form, and size! ^_^ ... And I'm sorry about the 'no pancakes' right now too, but sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do!!...or scratch yourself to death!! LOL Have a good day!


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