Saturday, August 16, 2014

Do You Believe It?!.....I'm Done With The Hats!!

      I wanna start this Saturday post by saying a big 'WELCOME TO ETSY!' to Dee Dee of VintageRetroDelights!!! :-) Back when she used to blog regularly I was a regular visitor to her blog, to see all of her vintage items, views of England, and life! :-) But she doesn't blog as often anymore. Although I occasionally see her posted messages on Facebook.
      I'm gonna get to see her vintage items on more of a regular basis now, because she has opened up an Etsy shop! :-) The 1970's coffee pot in the header photo is one of the items in her shop right now! :-) I saw it and said to myself: "Wouldn't a large pot of coffee be good right about now?!"...I didn't answer myself though...because that would be crazy!! LOL And my mama didn't raise no crazy!!....Uhhhh...scratch that. Because that may not be altogether true! LOL...Moving on!!! Ha! Ha!

      Wanna see the hats I finally am finished with?!...And thank you for saying: "Yes!"...because in my head you always say yes!! ^_^ So here you go!...

      And, believe it or not, after three attempts at the red newsboy hat...the customer doesn't like it. :-( (That was the red hat...I mean cap!...And NO! I'm not gonna show it to you again!!!! Grrr!... O_O ...Did that sound 'huffy'?!...I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sound huffy. I'm just a little frustrated...three red newsboy hats later!!! O_O) I sure hope somebody likes them though, because they're listed in my shop, and they need to GO!! that I don't have to look at them anymore!!! LOL
     By the way, even though they were completely frustrating to make...the brim was, mostly!...they're still well made, and will give someone...ELSE!...immense joy to wear!! ^_^ I'm gonna be making flowers for a few days now. I need to get back to my 'happy place'! ^_^

      The customer, thankfully, loves the hot pink and the black hats! :-) ...

      ...and the flower brooch pins I made for them. (detachable) ...

      I can't say I'll hate to see them go though. I'm 'hat OUT' now...meaning I'm done with hats for a while!! (You can take them off my hands HERE!) LOL {By the way, she just did!!}

     I'm 'Etsy treasury IN' though!! :-) ...

          Elena included one of my suit boutonnieres to her treasury. It's IN it!! :-) ...

      This ring is in that same treasury! (below) :-) ...

      There was another item of mine also put into another treasury! :-) ...

      It was this coffee brown crochet brooch (below)!...

      It was sitting right up near the middle of this treasury, right near these (below)...

      Pretty good company my items are keeping, right?! ^_^

      *yawn*...It's been a long day, and I need a long nap!!!! Have a good rest of the day, Y'all! ♥


Dancing to no music;
Writing in the dust;
Smiling at your plants;

Staring in the mirror
at your brand new dress;
Wondering if its "You".

Going nowhere,
but waiting by the bus,
watching cars go by.

Not conscious of the time;
It goes by without a fuss,
while you just watch t.v.


  1. Bless you Deb, thank you for mentioning my little shop and blog. I am hoping to try and get back into blogging over the coming months I do miss seeing what everyone is up to. What I don't miss is being on the lap top so often though so will have to make sure I keep the right balance still. I love the black hat you made that's gorgeous. I will be back soon. Dee x

    1. Hi Dee!! :-] It was my pleasure to bring some attention to your cute Etsy shop! I think it's gonna be very successful. Everybody seems to be into vintage these days!...It's a good thing you're already into keeping a balance too. Because you'll need to do that! :-] ... And thanks for the 'love' for my black hat too!! ♥


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