Saturday, August 9, 2014

This Is Why I've Been Missing!

      Sorry Y'all...*head down, circling the ground with my big toe, and with my hands clasped behind my back*...I feel bad that I haven't had time to do my blog. But every time I said to myself: "Okay, go throw up a post!"...then something would happen that would let me know that I didn't have the time to spend posting, and it would take me away!
      Yes, I admit that my 'Virtual Friday Date' with my hubby yesterday was one of those things! ^_^ I felt like I needed to pay some attention to him, since I've been in full crochet mode for days. :-) But we couldn't go out of the country on one of our 'fancy' dates. So we had an 'In-Town' pizza date instead! ^_^

      It was an early afternoon date yesterday though, because I had to get back to work! I'm all about a custom order right now! :-] The pizza was so good though that we brought some home...which I proceeded to 'warm up' for save me some time. Ugh!...and you can see the crust on my 'warmed-up' pizza in the photo above. LOL
      I got a little side-tracked with my crochet hat and...well...O_O...found out that slightly burnt 'UNO'S' pizza just as good as fresh out of the oven UNO'S pizza crust!!! LOL 

      Anyway!!! :-)) ... Here's the yarn I'm working with this time...

      I had to do some research to find some yarn that was light-weight, and stretchy enough to hold the shape of the hat after numerous wearings, but also was soft and in pretty colors! :-) Phew!! It wasn't as easy as I thought!! O_O 
      I 'did' get an education about yarn though! An education that I'm ashamed to say I hadn't had before!!...I found out that the regular yarn I beloved 'Caron Simply Soft' is a favorite for a lot of crocheters, but NOT for hats or fitted items! O_O
      The 'scuttlebutt' is that Caron is the softest and nicest to work with, but when you make hats with doesn't hold it's shape as well after washings! O_O I must admit that I wasn't thinking about numerous washings when I made my hats. I was thinking about 'soft'!...and 'pretty'!...which it is!! ^_^
      And, truth be told, I'll still use 'Caron Simply Soft' for my hats!...well...MOST of my hats! :-) The reason is because most of my hats aren't made to 'snap-back' after washing. They're not 'fitted' hats. They're pretty hats! ^_^ But now that I know about the 'stretchy, snap back' thing, I'll make a few hats for the shop in the 'snap-back' kinda yarn too! :-]
      Speaking of which!...

      Hubby wasted a whole morning for me, going to every single yarn shop in our area, trying to find a light-weight, stretchy, non-wool, yarn! O_O Four hours later...this is the yarn he found!...

      And where did he find it?!...In the first shop he had gone to! LOL...It was one of those 'Ugh! I can't find it!! Let me look in that first shop again' kind of things. :-))))

      Thank you, Honey! ♥ ... These are the two news boy cap hats I made out of far! (above) Only one is going to my customer. The other one will be in the shop soon. :-)

      Today I'm working with some 'Vanna White' yarn he also found!... 

      In case some of you don't know who she is...she's the lady that turns the letters on 'Wheel Of Fortune'! :-) Crocheting and knitting has been her side hobby for many years. I have books of her patterns...they're great!! :-]
      I'm gonna make a different kind of hat for my customer in this 'Vanna's Choice' black yarn, and then a totally different kind of hat in some hot pink! ^_^ So, as you can see, I'm busy!!! ^_^
      By the way, I finished the thread wedding shawl too, except for tying on the tassel threads...which I'll get to some time next week I'm sure! :-) ...

      I would normally try to enlist my 6-foot helper into doing this tedious tying of tassel strings, but I'm laying off of him for August. He's got 'bigger fish to fry' to speak! :-)) He's focusing on people, and their knowledge, and trying to add some Biblical components to it this month. :-) August is a very active month for us, as Jehovah's Witnesses, this year. Special! :-)
      So now you know why I've been case anybody noticed! ^_^ Have a good weekend, Everybody! ♥

Busy As A Beaver

I've been waiting for this moment,
where my crochet shop's involved,
to be busy as a beaver.
Now that problem has been solved.

I've been doing custom orders,
(Every customer had a tip)
Writing notes and tying ribbons,
readying packages to ship.

Yes, I know that things could change,
I could hear crickets any day.
But for now I'll just enjoy it.
Beavers pat their tail this way!      


  1. Nice to see you! I LOVE that little hat! So stylish and cute! You should make more of those for sure!
    As for the can you mess us a Uno's pizza! I love it myself! Looks to yummy I almost broke the computer screen trying to grab a slice! LOL
    Have a great day and I look forward to seeing the other hats your making too!

    1. Hi Cindy! :-) Thank you so much for the feedback on the hat!! I'm deep into a hot pink spiral capped one now! I'm not sure if I like this yarn though. It seems kinda thick to me. O_O I'm sure it would look great with my Caron Simply Soft though! ^_^ ... And you're so right about Uno's pizza too!!! LOL Have a good weekend my friend! ♥


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