Monday, August 18, 2014

So...Where Does The Line Of 'NICE' And 'TROUBLE' Divide?!

      The story I'm about to tell you is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!...Doesn't that sound dramatic?! ^_^ All I need at the end of that sentence is some 'Duh Duh Duhhhhhh' music! LOL What can I say's early!! ^_^
      The story I'm about to tell you is the story of how my husband's nice-ness almost went awry! But while I'm telling you the story I'm gonna share a few Etsy treasuries and the items in them, some of my crochet flower pins and necklaces, and a few flowers! :-) The Etsy items are just a few of the items from the different treasuries. So if you wanna see all of the items you'll have to click on the treasury photos, which have the items linked to the individual shops.

      Now...the truthful story! :-) ... My husband is a nice guy. I mean, a really nice guy! In fact...sometimes too nice, in my opinion. Sometimes his nice-ness can get him in trouble!! Here's an example: My husband drives a van that transports disabled and elderly clients. During the trip he talks to the clients, their families, and the staff at the center where he drops them off and picks them up every day. They love him!
      They love him so much that he's always coming home with some gift or another that they insisted that he take! O_O It started with some gum that one of the client's family members gave them, that they couldn't chew! So, since my husband 'could' chew...they gave it to him! :-)) He said 'Thank You' and went on his way!

      The next time, one of his clients baked some homemade chocolate chip cookies!...My husband doesn't eat chocolate. He's kinda allergic...kinda! :-)) So, he brought them home to me! They wouldn't take 'No Thank You' for an answer! And I love chocolate! ^_^

      During the time that he's worked for this company, between the clients and the staff of the center he transports the clients to, there have been gifts of gum, candy (even sugarless candy!), cookies, salt water taffy (more than once with the taffy!...with it gift wrapped with a bow!! ^_^), fast food gift cards, and so forth!...But the last gift got him and I in a 'BIG' discussion about where the line should be drawn on these gifts!! O_O ...

      ...And the reason is because one of the staff women gave him a sealed envelope with a fast food gift card, and CASH!!! O_O Not a tremendously lot of cash, but still!! O_O ... Then I started asking questions! :-))
      Why is she giving you cash?!..."I don't know!"..."Did you do something extra for her, like carry something somewhere or clean something?!"..."No."... "Do you think she's trying to flirt with you?!"... "With me?!!!! Ha! Ha!...NO!!!"
      Now, you would think that those questions would end the questioning, right?...especially since he didn't have the answer to any of them!! LOL But nooooooo! Those questions produced other questions. And here is where the trouble could've started!!

      My next question was: "Could you get in trouble with your boss for taking money from them?!"...And you should've seen my hubby's face!!! O_O Then he said: "Why? It's only a gift!"...But I said: "Yeah, but 'gifts' can have connotations, depending on who and why they give you the gift, right?!" maybe I'm having flashbacks to tv programs  where gifts were 'hush money' or something! LOL But it just made me a little uncomfortable to think that his boss didn't know he was getting all of these gifts, innocent though they were. So....he rectified that problem. He talked to his boss about it.
      As it turns out, his boss doesn't have a problem with an occasional gift, here or there, of cookies or candy. But in fact, he would rather discourage the gift thing as regards money and expensive items, because it could get into some shaky to speak!... I agree!!
      Has this kind of thing ever happened to any of you?! O_O ... I told my husband: "I'd rather you not take the gifts at all! Who knows if one of your clients will forget they 'gave' it to you, and then later accuse you of stealing or something!! Then it would be a whole big thing!!! O_O Hubby agreed!...Therefore 'gift-taking' is now off the table!!!
      It's kinda sad, really, that the world is such that you have to worry about something as simple as a gift!!...But, unfortunately, that's the world we live in! And if you're gonna keep life smile-able, and not end up in jail for just trying to be nice, you have to be aware of the pitfalls........and try your best to avoid 'em!! LOL
       And that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!!! ^_^ And flowers?!...Here you go! :-) ...

      Have a good day, Everybody!! ♥

Candy Rhyme

It's not right...I know,
to start your day with a chocolate face;
But the M&Ms with peanuts
gave my dream such a lovely taste.

It got me really thinking
about the candies of my youth,
like "Pixie Sticks" and "Twizzlers",
WOW! I had such a big 'Sweet Tooth'!

I remember in the playground,
trading candy like a stock.
It's a wonder you never hear
of kids going into "candy shock"!

'Hershey's with almonds',
'Kit Kats' and 'Peanut Bars';
Chocolate 'Reese's cups',
'3 Musketeers' and 'Mars'.

'Pay Days', 'Sugar Babies',
'Nestle's Crunch' and 'Heath Bars' too;
'York Peppermint patties',
because hard candies just won't do.

'Snickers', 'Milky Way',
'Butterfinger', Raisinets';
All that chocolate, good for me,
but not good for household pets!

'Twix', 'Reese's Pieces',
'Almond Joy', and Oh Yeah!, 'Mounds';
'Tootsie Rolls' and 'Whoppers'
I could eat them by the pounds!

'Dove Bar', 'Now or Laters',
'Laffy Taffy', 'Zagnut', 'Skor'.
Okay, I'm gonna stop now,
but there's plenty, plenty more!

Now that I'm grown up
I don't eat candy all the time.
Instead, I have sweet dreams of it,
and write a candy rhyme!


  1. Awwww the gift thing is sweet and very thoughtful for sure. But I do understand the predicament here. Glad you got it figured out.
    I love the coffee mug in the first photo! I had to fave it!!
    Have a good day, and from what I've heard, yes, your hubby IS a nice guy! (want a gift?....LOL)

  2. :-)) You're crack me up, Bead!!!...And thank you...but NO, about the gift!! LOL...And I agree with you about the mug. If you check that shop you'll see that there's a whole shop full of cute mugs!! I 'hearted' it as a gift buying place! :-) ... Have a good day, my friend! ♥

  3. Thank you so much Debbie :)


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