Friday, August 1, 2014

The Wedding Shawl Is Done!...And So Is Our Anniversary! :-)

     Hello Y'all! :-) It seems like forever since I talked to you!!...Rest assured I 'was' still talking though! :-)) I was talking about bunny rabbits and territorial hummingbirds, thunder storms and lightening, old TV shows and music, vintage Portuguese cotton and our 32nd anniversary! :-)
      I'm practically all talked out!!....Okay, you know that's not true!! ^_^ But instead of doing a whole bunch of talking today, I just wanna show you the finished wedding shawl! :-) ...

      I didn't get to photograph it the way I wanted to. None of the local bridal shops were interested in me using their wedding dresses to show off 'my' shawl! LOL...Go figure!!! ^_^

      And I couldn't find any recent brides that wanted to model it for me! :-] ... was 'headless Tina' to the rescue again!! :-)) ...

      The bridal shops 'were' helpful though! They helped me price the shawl!! :-) I was pricing it slightly too low, they thought!...Again, 'Go Figure!' ^_^ The suggestion price is right around what they thought it was worth now. You can go and check out the listing by clicking on any of the photos above.

      Other than 'shawl-talk'...uhhhh...there is 'anniversary-talk'! :-) Hubby and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary!! :-) We didn't do anything particularly special, except for pondering all of the years of memories there are to think back on! :-) And there are a LOT of them!! ^_^We're almost as old as dirt now!! LOL

      But we made it to another year!! ^_^

      And now I've made it through another blog post!! :-)) Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥ Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow! :-)

In The Mirror, I See Me

The lines of history are there,
just like a book upon the shelf;
And they are written so that you see
that I'm no longer just myself.

I did not see it before now-
my mother's hair and brother's teeth,
my sister's honey-colored skin-
have stolen time, just like a thief.

The mirror's image always was
of me alone-just here and now;
But as I age, and years go by,
I see granddaddy's furrowed brow.

I see my auntie's pug, round nose;
and my uncle's sun-bleached spots.
It is amazing -one-by-one,
the way it all connects the dots.

They have written on the pages
of the book of life I see;
When I look into the mirror
I no longer just see me.

It is a thing I must accept,
instead of fighting who to be.
I will accept my life's reflection,
and I'll smile at what I see,
when, in the mirror, I see me.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    Your shawl looks amazing by the way! Tina did an amazing job showing it off :-)

    1. Thank you very much, Jo!! ♥ And I think Tina was a pretty good 'second' too!! :-))


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