Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hubby Picked Up A Strange 'Hitch-Hiker' Today!

     I'm gonna spare you from having to look at another Etsy treasury from me today!... :-)) ...but just for today!...because tomorrow I have 'four' treasuries to share with you!! ^_^ I would be sharing them now, but I got into what I was doing, sleeping, crocheting, talking, etc...and now I don't have time!! LOL
     Instead I'm gonna take a quick minute to show you my hubby's little 'ride-along' as he was going from place to place today! :-) Just look closely...He's GREEN!!! O_O ...

      He's also HUGE!!! O_O Hubby says while he was driving down the street, he looked up and..."Bam!"...he saw this green attenaed 'critter' just sauntering across the windshield!! O_O All I have to say is 'better him than me!' :-)) I think I would've had an 'attention-to-the-road' problem!! LOL
       Doesn't he look like a leaf?! ^_^ ...

     A really BIG leaf...for a 'critter' I mean!!! LOL

      I think I like him better when he's just hiding under the luggage rack!! LOL...

      While hubby was riding green hitch-hikers around, I was crocheting another hat!! ^_^ ...

      I'm not exactly sure what it's gonna look like when it's finished. Although I 'do' know it will be a 'one-of-a-kind'! ^_^ No one else would 'dare' put these colors together!! LOL...

      Hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished product tomorrow...along with some more treasuries of course! ^_^

      Okay...I have a meeting!...'Ciao!...Adios!...Bye-Bye'!! ^_^

Animals Everywhere

There are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Do you see them when you travel?
Do you have some in your lives?

The chickens in the yard
step and jut their necks in stride;
Cackling birdie conversation
as you throw seed side to side.

Horses gallop down the hill,
through the field outside the gate;
Along the beach edge of the water
their strong legs will dominate.

All their waking hours
kittens tumble, jump and leap;
Then they curl up anywhere,
purr and breathe a peaceful sleep.

Baby chicks will follow
right behind their Mama's wings.
But they sometimes get distracted,
and their Mama's "Cluck!" then rings.

Doggies know their station.
They're secure in who they are.
They unguardedly will love you.
Just as quick, they'll chase a car.

There's many things that we can learn
by just watching what they do.
But let's not imitate their aggression,
and their need to balk and chew.

Let's recognize where we're alike.
Both of our constant needs for love,
And there is food, shelter, attention,
and much more we could speak of.

Yes, there are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Giving lessons by example,
and so much meaning to our lives.

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