Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Smile About This, Shall We?!


      Okay...lots to share today! Shoes and everything smile-worthy!! ^_^


      Aren't those the cutest shoes?!!...And, frankly, I like those colorful socks they were photographed next to in the header photo too!! ^_^ Although they might be a bit too colorful for formal occasions. :-)

      I'm sharing the shoes because they were one of the things I singled out to show off from this etsy treasury below...


      So many cool items are in there!...including these ankle boots! (below)...


       ...and my crochet rose button necklace! :-) ...

      It was so nice to see one of my necklaces get some love! :-) ... But then...

      ...these earrings (above) ... and my other crochet button ribbon necklace (below) also got picked for a treasury!!! :-) ...



      It was an 'end of summer' treasury. :-) ... So, see there! There are some nice things that happen on Mondays...besides more crochet time I mean. :-))

      In fact, what could be better than having two of your items picked on the very same day to be in individual etsy treasuries?! ^_^ I'll tell you what!...having 'three' of your items picked on the very same Monday to be shown off in 'three' individual etsy treasuries!!! ^_^ Yes, that's right! THREE!!! :-) My crochet baby blanket...

      ...and this cute teething necklace...


      ...got picked for the etsy treasury below!!...


      What a great, nice, surprise too!! :-) All of that etsy gallery love, all in one day! :-)

      You would think that since all of my practice hats are done...*I'm waiting for the customer to let me know what color hat they want me to do in what pattern now*...that I would have time to just sit here and bask in the glow of etsy treasuries, right?!.....Nooooooo! ^_^ Today I've been making flowers again!! ^_^


      One of my customers let me know that he was interesting in four specifically colored boutonnieres. :-) So I'm trying to get them in the shop as soon as possible! :-) This white one, with a black center, was one of the requests...



      Of course, I had to go one step further and make a matching 3-layer brooch for the ladies too! ^_^ ...


      I'll probably do the same with the other three boutonnieres too. Why not! ^_^

      I guess that's all I have to talk about today!...I could talk about some other stuff that's been in the news lately... like people dying and stuff :-( ...but there's all kinds of talk about those things on the news, and I'm sure you're talked OUT about it! So I'll leave this as a smile-worthy zone and leave you with this...

      Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! :-]

Reasons To Smile

I don't really need a reason,
to let out a great big grin;
But I do from time to time,
just to exercise my chin.

Sometimes I do it just to see
what reaction I will get,
in the places where I've gone,
and the people that I've met.

Sometimes it's just for me!
To amuse some silly thought;
Or to show just how excited
I have been at what I bought.

Sometimes a smile can change my mood,
when weather forecasts make me blue;
Or when I see a baby playing!
Oh yes! Oh Yes! I smile then too!

Truth is, I really don't need a reason.
Frowns just,frankly, aren't my style.
I could sit and write about it,
But even that would make me smile.

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