Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some Days You Just Wanna Go For A Long Walk!

      I woke up in a strange mood today. O_O Even though it's raining outside, and all dark and gloomy, I woke up ready to jump out of bed and go for a long walk! :-) I'm talking 'LONG' 'get-out-on-the-interstate-and-start-walking'! 'Let the transfer trucks and beeping cars buzz by me and blow my clothes around' kind of long walk! *blink, blink*
      Why?...I don't know! ^_^ But I do know that since I'm in the mood to 'go for long walks' I know where to get the shoes for my trip! :-) The Etsy shop that has these shoes is so cool!!...

      Of course, pretty soon summer will be over, and peep toe shoes will be a thing of the past in our area. :-( I guess we better enjoy our long walks in our sandals now!!

      The truth is...I'm not actually gonna go walking anywhere outside! My allergies are still causing me fits! I woke up wanting to go for a long walk, but I was also sneezing like a crazy woman!! ^_^ I'm hoping the sneezing and other 'stuff' (allergy-related) stops soon. I've got things to do and it's really annoying!!!
      I think this weather is really annoying my hummingbird too!...Yep! ONE hummingbird! O_O He has taken over the feeder and doesn't allow any other hummingbirds to even get a whiff of that nectar!! LOL The good thing is that he's perched right near the feeder...and nearby for me to look at...all day long practically! :-)
      I 'think' he's hoping to attract a female hummingbird, but, unfortunately, all he's attracting are other male hummingbirds looking for a place to perch to attract a female hummingbird! Ha! Ha!...I just feel sorry for him. Poor lonely, over-protective, baby! :-)) 

     Okay...I'm heading off for my 'walk'...Ha!...and I' taking along my bag... bag full of sunshine and rainbows, french fried potatoes and onions, and sweet green tea! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! ♥ ... By the way, here are the rest of the photos hubby took of the shawl yesterday...just because! :-)) ...

Some Days

Some days the things that happen
leave you craving for some more.
Some days the things that happen
heave you running for the door.

Some days it's good to know
that you are stronger than you think.
Some days it's good to know
your eyes will automatically blink.

Some days you need some color
because you're done with black and white.
Some days the color comes
and flies you higher than a kite!

Some days just leave you wanting
something more and something new,
while others make you happy
that you do the things you do!
And make you happy you're just 'YOU'!

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