Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yikes!...It's All Piling Up!!

     As you fellow bloggers have probably noticed, the regularity of my blogging has been staggered lately. I used to post every day...and hope to get back to that soon!...but because of my busy schedule this month I haven't had the kind of easy focus I usually have. In fact, it feels like everything is just piling up, and up, and up!! O_O
     I've been working custom orders, re-working and renewing a lot of items in my Etsy shop, trying to promote the slew of treasuries my crochet items have been in lately....8 or 9 just this past week!!! O_O...supporting my husband's increased activity in the ministry this month, trying to be encouraging to my mother-in-law, who is having a few challenges right now, and crocheting hats like a crazy woman!! ^_^
     I know something is left out of that list...hmmmmm...maybe I'll think of it before I'm done. But just with the list you've seen so far, isn't it clear that I'm being piled up on?! LOL That's why it's nice when I get a minute to sit down and smile. :-) And that's what I did when I saw this pretty treasury!...

     ...and saw my variegated mauve boutonniere sitting up in it! ^_^ ...

      The lever back earrings in the header photo were in this treasury too! :-)

     Over the next few days I'll share some of the other treasuries, and the great items that were chosen for them. But today I just wanted to catch up with you, and share my latest finished project! :-) ...

      Yes...yes!...I know the picture is awful!! :-))  But that's what happens when I don't have much time, and when my brain is trying to convince me that if I don't hurry up, things are gonna start piling up on me!!

     Thankfully I have a husband who likes to fix up my mistakes! LOL Although...I did try to fix up the photos. Look (below)!...

     No!...they don't look much better! :-)) But, if it's any consolation, I did slow myself down around lunchtime, to have a pile of my hubby's homemade turkey chowder! :-) ... Sorry...I didn't take any photos of it! ^_^ But I'm here to was DELICIOUS!!! :-)

     And even though the lighting wasn't the best by the time hubby got a hold of my camera, he was able to get some much better shots of my new hat than I was able to!! :-) ...

     Even he is not perfect though!! LOL...

     This is a new pattern I just bought from a shop on Etsy...easycreations. It's a cowboy/cowgirl hat...even though my first attempt at it doesn't really look like a cowboy/cowgirl hat!! LOL...

     The yarn I used is soft, so the hat doesn't hold the indent in the top all that least my first attempt didn't! ^_^ All of the 'bones' are there though, so I could starch it into the cowboy shape if I wanted to!...but I don't want to! ^_^ I like it just like it is!! :-) I even added a detachable flower brooch pin to the back of it, to make it even more like me!
     I'm starting a variegated 'angel hair' version of this hat next. We'll see if I can get it to look more 'cowboy-ee'. LOL But since the pattern seller says that as long as you buy the pattern you can make and sell as many of the hats as you want, I don't care whether it looks cowboy-ee or not. I'm gonna sell whatever comes out!! ^_^ I don't waste yarn. I just pile my created stuff up until somebody takes it off of my hands!! LOL This hat will be in the wuglyees shop for sale later today!! :-)

     Okay...I'm off to get some other stuff done while it's still light outside, and while half of my brain still has a mental hamster in there going around and around on a wheel!! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! :-)

You Ever Have A Day?

You ever have a day when everything you do goes wrong?
When every hour in the day seems very very long?

You ever have a day when everything you say that's right....
gets misconstrued and turned around and people wanna fight?!

You ever have a day that if you think of it again...
it just makes your body quiver and you want the thought to end?

You ever wanna fix things, but you couldn't find a way...
even though you said out loud: "It will be different today!"?

Well, that was me, and I am thankful...that was yesterday!


  1. Dear Debbie, Thanks so much for featured my pink earrings, from the beautiful Talila's treasury.

    1. Hi Sigalit! :-] It was my pleasure to share your cute earrings!!...And thank you for sharing my crochet lapel flower in your treasury too!! I'll be sharing the treasury here on the blog soon. ♥


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