Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hi!...Here Comes More Treasuries! Like It Or Not!!

      *yawn*...I've been sleeping almost all day today. Or, as I call it, 'napping'! ^_^ Frankly, I was happy to get a long nap. I haven't been sleeping too well for a few nights now. In fact, I'm on my way back down for another 'nap' right now! ^_^
      But before I do, I want to share another couple of the Etsy treasuries where my wuglyees shop items have been featured, along with other shop's this cute ring!...

      The items in this treasury have a kind of reddish theme...including my red (garnet) and white boutonniere! :-) ...

       Although not all of the items are red. The coral pink bracelet below was in this treasury too! :-) ...

      Then there was this treasury...'Beautiful Fall'!...

      It's featuring items that have Fall colors, like the burnt orange that's in my suit boutonniere...

      ...and the beautiful Fall colors of this baby bonnet and socks (below)! :-) ...

      I still have a few treasuries to share with you. I hope you don't get bored with them before I'm done! ^_^ I'll try to break things up a bit with some other stuff every now and then! :-)) Starting tomorrow! I wanna share my latest crochet project!...which is my latest crochet project AGAIN! ^_^ I'll explain tomorrow....when I'm through napping! :-) Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥


I wait most every morning
to see soft light coming through the trees;
To see the darkness pierced by shadows,
making clarity a tease.

I wait most every morning,
knowing darkness will give way;
Hoping sunrise won't forget me,
and my night will soon be day.

I wait most every morning,
for the thick black blanket's night
to flip back and uncover
all the brilliant rested light!

I've never been disappointed.
Light always manages to appear.
And I always smile and wave and holler:
"Hello Light! I'm over here!"

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