Friday, August 15, 2014

Missing For Two Days, But Found!...Without A Hat! :-)) 
      Hello Y'all!! :-] It's been so long since I've been over here talking my head off! LOL I couldn't believe it myself when I saw that I hadn't posted since Tuesday!!!! O_O A whole three days ago!! ^_^
      And, in case you're wondering, there's nothing bad going on. I've just been too busy with my custom order, and some other things going on in my real life, to take the time to spend blogging...'Who said that?!... LOL...Well, I could've blogged, but it would've been idle chit chat about nothing!
      Wait!...That's what it usually is!! Idle chit chat about nothing!!! LOL What I meant to say is that you'd be surprised at how much mental clarity it takes to talk about nothing!! LOL And I haven't had that kind of clarity...or that kind of time!! ^_^
      Just this week alone, I've made four hats and three flower boutonnieres!! And last week it was another three hats! O_O Four of them are in my shop for sale HERE. And the custom order is awaiting confirmation, and then it'll be off to it's owner! :-) Below is some of the evidence of my busy schedule!...

      So, see! I have a good reason to not be 'flapping my gums' as much! LOL Or, I should say, not flapping my gums as much while blogging! ^_^  I also have a good reason to not have a crochet hook in my hand tonight! Hats will be 'missing in action' tonight!...I have a date!! ^_^ ... and I WILL NOT be wearing, or even looking at, a hat!! LOL
       August is a good month for the 'flapping of gums' though, giving good news to people about the Bible! :-) And that's also an important part of where some of my focus has been! I'm supporting my hubby this month, in his volunteered extra hours of his ministry. :-) You can check out if you wanna know the full story, because Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world are active this month! Not just us! :-)

      Rest assured though, I'm sure I'll be back to my daily 'yappy' schedule soon, telling you the story of how my hubby almost got in trouble because he was being too nice!...and all other such nonsensical stories! ^_^ I'll spare you the story about how some burnt pork chops almost ended up in a 'kitchen fire', and also a full blown allergic reaction!! LOL Although you can probably fill in the details all by yourself if you're a regular reader of my blog. :-))

      I've got to get packed for a quick overnight 'Virtual Date' tonight, so I don't have time to tell you anything else!! ^_^ I'll show you a couple of cute items that caught my eye tomorrow. Until then...don't waste time 'crying over spilled milk', or 'take any wooden nickles'...Or anything wooden for that matter. Unless it's a you can take a moment and sit down! ^_^ Just have a good weekend, Y'all!! ♥


Wooden, with an indent.
Sturdy, aged by the sun.
A place to rest when you are tired.
A stop when you are on the run.

A slatted back, for resting shoulders,
and cemented to the ground.
A wrought-iron rusted swirly arm-rest,
and a place to put bags down.

A place for you to catch a bus,
or to feed a hungry squirrel.
Where good friends can stop and chat
about the big news of the world.

Alone and beaten by the weather,
chipping paint, long past brand new.
Almost like some people we know,
who are inconspicuous too.

So reliably unnoticed,
all the benches that we pass.
Sitting there, just waiting for us,
if we too run out of gas.

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