Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chunky...Crochet Flowers And Everything!!

      It's Sunday morning, and instead of sitting with a big plate of pancakes, dripping with maple syrup, in front of me...I'm sitting quiet with some crochet thread and my number 8 crochet hook!

      I just finished this big (3 and 1/4 inch) crochet flower brooch, and I'm about to start another white wedding shawl...but a different style this time.

      I'm sitting quiet because I'm exhausted!...*deep breath*...I had a very rough night! It started...around 2 a.m. or so...with a very bad dull pain in my lower belly. It felt like I was waaaaay too full and my stomach was trying to find some place to expand so that it could hold it all!...And no! I didn't have a large meal before bed. In fact, I didn't eat dinner because I was feeling this fullness from earlier in the day!

      Cut to...a feeling of nausea, me throwing off my C-Pap mask, grabbing a big bucket, and.....*blink, blink*...I'll let you fill in the acid-y, chunky, rest!! LOL And you can fill it in three...count 'em...THREE...times...with small resting periods in between!!! O_O NOT FUN!!!

      I don't know what happened! O_O It could've been an allergic reaction to something, or the seafood salad I had earlier, for lunch, or the cow that went over the moon!! ^_^ But whatever it was, my stomach still hasn't fully recovered! O_O I'm sipping on soup and green tea for now...NO PANCAKES...too chunky! LOL
      For the rest of the day I can be found in my bed, napping...occasionally!...with a crochet hook...occasionally!...and fingering some pretty white cotton thread, and a cup or glass of some clear liquid or the other. NOT ORANGE JUICE!...too acid-y!! LOL
      Let me give a 'Big Shout Out' to my hubby, who is now out in the ministry, getting a jump on some extended hours he volunteered for August! ♥ I love that he has time and energy left to try to help other people in the ministry too...after a night of only mini naps, in between his job of bucket holder and brow wiper. :-] I give him a hard time sometimes, but I'm very thankful I'm married to him and not 'Yosemite Sam' or the 'Tasmanian Devil' or somebody!! Ha! Ha!...Uhhhhh...what am I talking about?!...*sniffle*...I DON'T KNOW!!! ^_^ Ignore...and carry on with your Sunday, Everybody!! :-))

Sitting Quiet

I love just sitting quiet,
letting silence be my friend.
I'm not afraid to be alone,
and hear my breathing out and in.

With no T.V. on, or music,
just some thinking done, with me,
In a world where quiet reading
is now called "activity".

There's no reason to be scared,
or to need all kinds of noise,
to create some kind of chaos,
or to look for games and toys;

Just a quiet low lit room,
where I ponder my life course,
where I think of plans ahead,
but no thoughts I have to force.

Just me, still, and sitting quiet.
Nothing altering my mood.
No smoke wafting at my sinus,
no one mad or being rude.

Can you turn off all the gadgets?
Can you hear your own-self sigh?
If you cannot take the quiet,
You should stop and wonder why!


  1. Hope you feel better soon my friend!! Not a good feeling......that feeling of full.
    By the way, that first photo of the brooch on the silk is an awesome shot!! Keep it!
    Take care

    1. Thank you, Bead! :-] I'm sure I will feel better soon. I HAVE TO! It's August!! ^_^ Have a good day, week, and month, my friend!! ♥ And thanks for the feedback about the photo. It was a last minute thing. :-))


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