Saturday, August 23, 2014


      Hello Saturday People! :-) I'm back with another couple of Etsy treasuries, some new items I've been crocheting...including a new hat!...and some flowers! Just what you would expect from a Wug on a Saturday, right?!
      That cute turtle in the header photo, this bracelet (below)...

      ...and my turquoise blue and white crochet necklace (below)...

      ...were all in this treasury (below)!...

      ...along with some other cute jewelry and flowers, which you can check out for yourself if you click the link above! :-] I particularly liked the hand-decorated wedding wine glasses! :-]

      Sooo...what have I been doing with my Saturday?!...Crocheting and eating! ^_^ Eating homemade spaghetti with meat sauce, mint chocolate chip ice cream, etc. And crocheting some pink lapel pins, per request of a customer! :-) ...

      He wanted pink. But I have three or four different shades of pink!! O_O I decided to just do two. The regular pink (above), and the baby pink (below)...

      Before I made the lapel pins though, I finished this angel hair hat! :-) ...

      It's a variegated blend, with black, white, powder blue, and pink in it!! :-) ...

      The large pink button on the side was just for a focal point of interest....

      Once again, my photos aren't doing it justice. :-( It's a lot cuter in person. Or at least I think so!!...And it's really soft and warm too!!

      To continue my treasury theme, here's another one...with a different color scheme! :-] ...

      My pumpkin colored boutonniere fit right in, don't you think?! ^_^

      These things fit right in too!! (below) ...

      As usual, I had to end the post with a flower! :-) ... Unfortunately, or fortunately...depending on how you look at things!...not much else is going on around here to talk about! I've talked about my hummingbirds until I'm blue!...and yes, they're still here. And still flitting and flying about! :-)
      I've also talked about my food, my crochet projects, and my backyard raindrops. What else is there?! O_O ...Oh! I know!!...I organized my crochet items for my shop, so that they're easier to process for shipping. And I now need a long nap!! ^_^ See you tomorrow!! ♥

Artist's ROCK!

Their eyes see what their heart sees,
and in colors on canvas or in yarn.
You can see it in their photographs of foliage,
or the red and brown that's painted on a barn.

Their heart says: "This bead color's perfect!"
Then you see the artist's work on jewelry stands.
They recycle, mix the media and show you,
and collect a lot of now adoring fans!

Whatever medium they work in,
Whether working with their hands or just their eyes,
you can be sure they'll get some ogglers and lookers,
who, like me, will give them "Ahhhs" and "Ooooos" and sighs.


  1. I'm loving all the pink! You should crochet in the shape of the ribbon for breast cancer awareness month in October. I know you'd sell lots of pink ribbon pins...just an idea! Love that hat! It's super cute and so nicely made! Hope it sells fast...maybe to me? never know! Enjoy your evening Deb!

    1. Hi Yaya!...I' so glad you like my 'pink'! ^_^ I thought about the breast cancer ribbon last year around this time, but I couldn't figure out a cute way to make the crochet ribbon! It sounds a lot easier than it is. First you have to get a stable ribbon, and then you have to figure out how to put a pin on the back of it! O_O Not easy!! But I'm still open to the idea. Maybe I'll figure something out!...And, about the hat, I'd LOVE for you to have my hat!! ^_^ I'll give you a discount if you want it too!! Just make me an offer I can't refuse! LOL Have a good week, Yaya! ♥


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