Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Baby Wuglyee'.....In Rainbows!
(Crochet Blanket, Multicolor Rainbow Sweater Baby Wrap by Wuglyees)

      The last time you...the regular readers of this blog...might've seen my dear 'Baby Wuglyee' bear, was back when he and I were having a little chat about some earrings I had him wearing! :-)) Uhhh...he wasn't very happy with me! ^_^ So, in a much better mood, and making another small appearance here on the blog, I am very happy to present my one and only 'Baby Wuglyee', showing off something less eyebrow-raising, and a lot more colorful and warm!! :-)

      Yes, it's my rainbow sweater baby blanket! :-) ... This is how it was looking the last time I showed it to you...That is, how it was looking after I re-found it and did a couple more rows on it!...

      It was kind of an embarrassment to me that I hadn't finished it!...And even more than that, that I had put it away...UNFINISHED!...and couldn't remember where I had locked it away at!! ^_^
      But...I re-found it!...and I was determined this time to finish it!!!...After a couple more color sections...and IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!...I remembered why it was that I had put it away!! LOL Each row was extremely time-consuming, and WOW!...this blanket eats up yarn!!!! O_O By the time I was done with it.....YES! I did, in fact, Finish It! ^_^...I realized that I had sunk about $55.00 worth of yarn into it, and 2 years worth of time!!!! and on, that is. Mostly OFF!! LOL But now that it's done...and it's listed in my Wuglyees Etsy shop for sale...I can report: "I LOVE It!!!" ^_^ ...

      It's all I initially envisioned that it would be, and more!! :-) ...

      'Baby Wuglyee' even loves it!! :-) ...

      I hope that someone else will buy it and love it too, even though it's kinda costly right now, because of the time and materials. But, frankly, if I added a million dollars to the price it wouldn't be enough for this one! This was what I call crochet 'WORK'!! :-] LOVE...and crochet work. Yes!...But still...WORK!!! ^_^

      And before you think you can get off the hook with just some rainbows! ^_^ I'm gonna leave you with a couple more treasuries and the items that were chosen for them! :-) ...


      Okay...time to go and find some more rainbows before the cool of September gets here!! Or at least another hat to crochet!! ^_^Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥


The changing of the seasons,
squirrels that scurry everywhere,
a cup of steeping apple cider,
and the crisp and cooler air.

Cozy scarves and football games,
and harder to get out of bed,
worrying whether frost will come,
and what is flying overhead.

September brings a lot of thoughts,
and some reflection will be sad.
But as the years and seasons change,
good thoughts replace the bad we've had.

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