Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Featured Shops

One of my favorite things to do is nose around in all of the shops on ETSY. I love seeing creativity in action in all it's different forms. And I'm not partial to just crochet or bead shops either, even though I look at those the most...for obvious reasons!...So I decided to share three shops today. Come and nose around with me.
  The first shop is Jaclyn1423 She specializes in custom bridal jewelry...but everything in her shop is special. This lovely statement piece is titled "Abigail's bronze pendant rose" I like it for obvious has a flower! It's only $24.00 too!
This is her "Smooth jade bracelet" for $20.00.
And this is "Michelle's coral, mustard and sepia swirled earrings" They're $21.00.
   Jaclyn1423's shop is also doing some special work. Be sure to check the "Joey's Hot Dogs" section in her shop. $5 from every sale there will be donated to autism research;  If hot dogs aren't your thing, but you like pieces with the puzzle charm, please convo her and she will work with you to create the right piece for you. And $2 of custom puzzle jewelry will go to autism research as well! Also, her shop is nearing sale No. 100! At the 100th sale, she'll do a random drawing, and one winner will receive $14.23 to spend in her shop! You can see the details on her blog

The Next shop is Fibrous This is the grand opening of her new shop! She is the former owner of the now closed "That Yarn Store". She knits, felts, and is trying to be a better cook...Aren't we all! I love her "Bird's Nest Necklace" $20.00.
 And her "Green Nuno Felt Triangle Shawl" for $20.00.

  And her playful creation, this "Cute Hedgehog"
 This little guy is only $25.00!...Her shop really is full of fibrous goodness, isn't it?!

The last shop I'll feature today is Revival Vintage Design
All of her items are eco friendly and handmade from vintage and recycled fabrics. Her environmentally friendly gifts save the beauty from the past and make them something to treasure for the future. The shop has eco friendly animals, decorative pillows, adorable baby presents and accessories. You can find green gifts for the young, old and newborns, and especially for yourself. If you don't see the the gift you're looking for, just contact her and she'll try her best to help...My favorites include these "Vintage French Pillows" for $40.00 each.
  The picture on the front of them shows a townhouse and a park. It reminds her of the Disney film Aristocats that her children used to love. The scene has so many lovely colors, including red, grey, blue, yellow and green.
  I also like this "Vintage Flowers and Silk Reversible Tote Bag"! It's not like any bag I've seen before. I love the way one handle goes through the other. And it has FLOWERS too!!
  Last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful and colorful addition to Revival zoo. It's "Edgar the Red Eco Friendly at its Best" elephant, made from two vintage fabrics.
 He's only 10 inches tall, but with all of that color and personality he just makes you want to smile! And he's only $25.00!
  Okay, I'm off to do some more nosing around. I'll share what I come up with! :-)) ... (These would have been good things to put in my diary years ago!!!)

My Diary

She was born from my loneliness;
A friend of my own.
Every night I would tell her
all the things I had known.

I'd tell her my secrets,
and all of my lies-
that I kept from the family's
prying eyes.

I'd write down: "Dear Diary",
and then spill my guts
about all of my boyfriends
(the "Dogs" and the "Mutts").

She kept all of my secrets,
not spilling a one;
locked up in her pages.
(Now her job is done!)


  1. Nice shops to feature! I especially love the hedgehog! How cute is that!!! You really did the shops proud in your descriptions. They will be so pleased!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me! I truly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day :)

  3. thank you for featuring me, I love the other shops , what a great way to see what everyone else is up too,,
    I am so in awe of everyone who produces such great blogs and fantastic items too, I obviously need a lesson in time management.
    thanks again

  4. One other thing , you can come here to watch Wimbledon, being a Brit it is required viewing.

  5. CinLynn Boutique, Thank you!

    Jaclyn, It was my pleasure...Thank you for letting me!

    Revival Vintage Design, You are quite welcome! Time is not a problem when you don't sleep!...And YAY! Somewhere to go to see Tennis...across the ocean!!! :-)) Get the tea and strawberries and cream ready!!!

  6. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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