Friday, May 7, 2010

Exactly HOW supportive?

The subject for my post today started last night when hubby and I were watching "The Marriage Ref", a new show on NBC. The theme of the show has to do with husbands and wives presenting a minor squabble that they have been repeatedly bickering over, but this time...after input from 3 celebrity panelists, the host of the show 'Makes The Call' as to which one of them is "Right"!
   Last night one of the couples, whose career was doing sort of like Carnival magic tricks, was on. Their squabble was that now the husband wanted to add a new TRICK to their act...Knife throwing...AT HIS WIFE!!! Yikes! Needless to say, she was not into it!!! LOL The panelists proceeded to discuss which one of them was right, and exactly how far a spouse was expected to go to be supportive!
This got me to thinking about my hubby and how far he has gone over the years in order to support me. MUCH farther than "The Extra Mile"!...It started years ago when I worked 3-11 p.m. in another state, about 40 minutes away. We had only one vehicle at the time and after a long 10 hour day of work himself, and energized by two Ho Hos and a Twinkee probably, he would drive all the way down, pick me up, and drive all the way back...EVERY DAY...without one ounce of complaining.
  There has been many such situations over the years...too many to mention in fact. And now that I have many health limitations, because of systemic arthritis and other things, he has, in effect, become my care giver as well! Not to mention that this has also caused him to become the one primarily in charge of cleaning, not only our home, but also humidifiers, air purifiers, and my C-Pap machine...on a regular basis! And even I get a little spit and polish from time to time too *Teehee*...with side orders of songs sung off key, the corniest jokes you've ever heard, and dancing! Truly, he has been priceless!!! And all the while I sit without a care and crochet the goodies that he raves about with his work mates, and wears, no matter how they look!
  So, as with last night's "Marriage Ref", "I'm ready to make the call...He Wins!!"..... BUT he does NOT get to throw knives!!! {Poem below}
   (This post would not have had the same feel without the help of these two illustrations that I was enthusiastically allowed to use by artbytrudy, a very talented ETSY seller Painting is her passion and you can tell in every item in her shop! Please check her out!)

Loved Enough

He vacuums my floors,
and washes my tubs;
Cooks me good meals,
and gives nightly back rubs.

He drives me to meetings,
and carries my bags;
And when we go walking,
he zigs when I zag.

I`ve never cleaned an oven
(He does it willingly).
He also shops for grocery,
and at night he reads to me.

I`m the one that does the laundry;
But he helps me with the dusting,
and does all the endless repairs
that keep our old car from rusting.

There`s also other things he does,
like cuddling with me at night,
and being a gentle, unselfish lover
who can dance like its going out of sight!

There`ll  never be anyone more loyal,
or more competitive at playing a game;
or anyone as hard of a worker.
I`m very thankful to carry his name.

I know it must seem selfish
that I can get him to scratch my head,
or fill my water cup for me,
or help me make the bed.

Yes, I know I`m loved enough;
He just wants to make me happy;
And whatever I need he'll do;
I come first, and he`ll do it snappy.
Loved enough?-Yes I am, and quite sappy!


  1. Awwwwwww, you love your hubby so much!!! This is wonderful!! Make sure HE reads it too! I know it will bring a large, warm smile to his face! And it also brings a large, warm smile to J.'s face too!!
    Thanks for this poem and post! Made my day!

  2. He did read it...In fact, he reads everything I write. Even when it's not as flattering he never tells me not to say it. My thoughts are my thoughts. Isn't that great?! Now you know why our favorite song is "Something that we do" by Clint Black. (Play it over here---> in the YouTube gadget! :-)))

  3. Wugs..Wow..Your blog is great. I am so honored that you chose my art for your piece. Your poetry and writing style absolutely amazing.

    And so is your husband and marriage. You truly both are blessed to have found each other. Thank you again and just keep snuggling. I am madly in love with my hubby too! xoxoxox Trudy

  4. Alicia9/05/2010

    Your husband sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you found each other :-)


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