Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Bird's Words

As anyone who has been reading my words the last two or three weeks knows I'm having a GIVE AWAY! I've shown you in earlier posts all about how I make my crocheted necklaces, which is one of the things I'm giving away on Friday. This one
 If you want to see more photos of it up close look through the other 4 pictures of it here
It has one of my favorite buttons on it too!...The book I'm giving away has 20 of my poems in there. That's what I want to talk about today.  My poetry is not one subject, one theme, one type. I write about everything, and in whatever way I'm feeling at the time. Sometimes that's really good....sometimes NOT! LOL But no matter how I write them you know you're getting a piece of me...With my book it's the same thing.
  The description of my book, on Etsy, reads:  "As a little girl growing up on the farm I saw baby chicks following happily behind their mama in the yard. But, if a baby chick ever got weak or wounded, other chickens would peck at it endlessly until it died...unless mama came to it's rescue...Many times mama wasn't as quick as she needed to be. I know, it doesn't sound like a good start for a book of poems, but that's what prompted the name." The name of it is "Baby Bird's Words"...I'm the baby bird. The description goes on:  "These poems were...written at different points in my life to encourage myself, mark events or just to say what happened.
  The 20 poems included on these cloud filled pages cover many subjects. A few of the titles are: "I Love Me!", "Teenage Thoughts", "Sisters", "Manipulated Silence", "I Used To Be Able", "My Baby Girl", "The Daddy I Never Had", and "Love Fills The Holes". They cover straight forward, sometimes sensitive, sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, material not meant for the faint of heart. (And there is no profanity.) The dedication page reads: "I dedicate this book to all those who have fought the fight of abuse...and won; And to all those still fighting! Remember, every day is a new day!" You will learn more than you want to know about me from reading these poems! *Teehee* They represent how I have become the person I am today...for good...or for bad!
  It's a large soft cover book, measuring approx. 11 X 8 & 1/2in.(27.9 X 21.6cm). Each page is covered with sky blue clouds, and the book is personally signed and dated by me. (Just as a side note, the cover is representative of how my life has been lived in 2 worlds, the country and the city. And, just like the butterflies, I've changed over time and now I fly freely!!!...And I've learned a lot in the process, which I would love to share with you!) I hope you enjoy my heart, on paper. :-) And please check out the other creations I've done in my shop!"
  So, the person that receives my book is not going to get just a FREE book. It's a piece of me!...And just as a side note, some of the poems are ones I've shared on this blog every day!
   Okay, so the GIVE AWAY is this coming Friday, May 21st. If you are interested in receiving the necklace and book just tweet, promote, post to your blog, or in some other way talk about the GIVE AWAY and link it back to the blog. Then let me know about it, either by commenting on this blog with a link to where you talked about the GIVE AWAY, or by tweeting it to me on Twitter. I'm @Poetesswug2.
  If you are someone who already has my book, please post a comment and let me know what you think...WARNING: The following poem is one from the book, one of the more serious ones I wrote chronicling the sexual abuse I also experienced in my past. Not an easy subject to talk about, and without poetry......Well, I don't even want to think about what kind of clouded up mind I would have now!!!  Maybe I'll talk about that in my blog in the future.

Manipulated Silence

There is no speech.
There is no word.
There is no voice
to be heard.

There is no sound;
No, not a peep.
There is only silence,
and interrupted sleep.

There is no cry,
and no one to hear.
There is no comfort
to calm the fear.

There's no denying
the touch of abuse.
No pleading victim,
because "What's the use?"

There is no time;
Just crowding of space.
There's no control;
Just your heart at a race.

There is his smell!
There is his touch!
There is his weight,
that you hate so much!

There is no sight;
Just silhouetted dark,
and mental memories
you don't want to mark.

But there is some peace
in your "invisible" suit.
But he'll come again-
'cause you're a helpless child-Cute!


  1. VERY touching poem, Wug! How awful it must have been for you. Nice to know that we love someone who will take away those bad memories in the NEAR future!! Keep strong my sister!

  2. Alicia9/05/2010

    Wow.... I never knew this (of course I didn't). A big hug to you. And I agree with CinLynn: no matter if you call Him Jehovah or Jesus (or The Holy Spirit as I prefer)


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