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Today I want to talk about what influences people to create. When I look around etsy I am always amazed, not only at the amount of creativity there is in the world, but also the diverse ways in which people's creativity shows itself! You literally can find almost anything you're looking for on etsy! From crocheted/beaded necklaces, ...which nowadays unfortunately NObody is looking for!...(sorry, couldn't help myself with that one!) any vintage item you want from almost any time period. The sky is the limit!... I would love to know what influences some of you. I'd love to share that in my post for tomorrow, with a picture of one of the items you created. Please just leave me a comment below about it, or tweet it to me on Twitter...@PoetessWug2. I'd like to share about 6 items.
  What influences me?!... This...
My backyard influences my calm state of mind that keeps me in the right mood to be creative. That creativity, as far as my crocheting is concerned, comes pretty easily. And anyone that crochets knows how fast the brain can move on to what you can crochet next! For some people that probably means that there's a basket or a bag somewhere in their home with one or two projects still waiting for the wave of inspiration to hit you again so you can finish them!... I have 3 crochet hats that could attest to that!!! I'm having a hard time picking them back up again now that I had to pull them ALL completely a loose and start all over from scratch!!! (I put them down at some point and when I picked them up again I also picked up a hook two sizes smaller, without noticing it, and was crocheting away!!!...UGH!)
  The inspiration for my poetry is much different, and more diverse. Anything can influence my poetry. Sometimes it's just because I'm happy. (A lot of my poems about my hubby were inspired that way!... *Insert sappy here!*)... Other times I was just being silly, was in a sad mood, was reminiscing about something... good or bad, or any number of reasons!...The poem I'm leaving you with today was inspired by something that I saw on the news. It was when the Tsunami hit Thailand and South East Asia. I saw the images of that wave on channel after channel and I immediately had to write about it...And cry about it. I never stay in a low mood for long though. Once I write about something the emotions for it are all left in the words. It can all be recalled again by just reading the poem...Nice that poetry can have that kind of influence!
  What influences you?!
Taken By A Wave

The Tsunami hit the land-
The southern Asian island home,
where vacationers and natives
used to sunbathe and beach-comb.

An earthquake, under water,
made the waves rise up so high
that those walking on the beach
just could not believe their eye.

The waves that always had a limit
as to just how far they'd  go
just kept coming-Farther-Farther,
with a never-ending flow.

People running for their lives;
Some surprised and could not run!
Homes and bodies floating by;
And when it all was said and done,

There were the eyes of the survivors,
The tears for those they could not save;
The parents looking for their children
at the edge of the wave.

The injured and the missing;
The disease and loss of life;
The unclean drinking water
and the anguish and the strife.

And as if all of this pain
wasn't  heartbreaking enough-
There were predators and looters
to steal the rest of their stuff.

But, just as an observer,
seeing images on the news
of the children-Oh, the children!
I know that this will leave a bruise.

A bruise upon their playfulness,
Their sense of safety-free from care;
A bruise upon their trusting nature,
that no longer will be there;

A bruise upon their hopefulness;
A bruise upon their being brave;
A bruise not even time can heal;
It all was taken by a wave.


  1. Another "inspirational" post! The things that inspire you are the same with me. As an example: I bought a bead about 3 months ago and couldn't decide how I was going to make a purse pull with it. I tried different things...didn't like them, so put it down.
    The other day, I looked at that bead and knew exactly what I was going to do with it! The result is a great new purse pull!! I'll list it today!

  2. How wonderful Bead! Can I post a picture of it, and your comment tomorrow?!

  3. I really didn't expect that Wug! But sure, you can post a photo and my comment if you want. I feel honored! *blush*

  4. CinLynn, Thank you! ;-)


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