Thursday, May 20, 2010

The GOOD, the BAD, and the WUGLYEE

***TOMORROW, May 21, 2010, I will draw a name out of the box for the GIVE AWAY! So, if you want the book and necklace today is your last chance to get your name in the box. See the "Connection Rules" blog post from this blog for instructions on how.***

  I named this posting the Good, the BAD, and the WUGLYEE because that's how I'm going to post it this morning...Entertaining myself! *Teehee!* And as you'll see, sometimes finding a reason to smile comes in handy.
First, the GOOD: Hubby took some beautifully good pictures of his pansies in the backyard!
  Aren't they pretty! He's getting pretty good with that camera!
  Next, the BAD: the weather has been really bad around here. Rain all the time,... and wind. It has really saturated the backyard. (okay, so that could still be a good thing!)
  But I'm afraid the person that said: "Into each life a little rain must fall" knew what he was talking about because the bad of this weather brought something really bad to my backyard. Remember the Robin egg that was placed back in the nest? Well, after all that rain and wind hubby went to check on it...It's not good. The pictures speak for themselves.
  Part of the nest looked like this. And this is how he found the part where the egg HAD BEEN.
 Hanging sideways...With this on the ground. (*sigh!*)
  The egg had crashed onto the ground into two pieces. He couldn't force himself to look anymore to see if the egg had a baby in it. We're going to prefer to think that it was an unfertilized egg. Maybe that was why it was light enough to keep blowing around so easily in the wind...Any other thoughts about it would be too ugly to conceive.
  So, on to the WUGLYEE: I just wanted to show a closer look of the Wuglyee necklace I'm giving away tomorrow.
 My crocheted flower jewelry makes me smile, and I hope this one brings a smile to the face of whoever receives it...Another thing that makes me smile is writing my poetry. I'll leave you with that smile today...because we need one!

Ease, By Rhyme

To ease my mind,
I jot down a rhyme.

When forced to think,
my brain cells link.

With emotions on paper,
anxieties taper.

With the flow of my pen,
I'm  at peace again.

And to jot down this rhyme,
brought ease to my mind.


  1. Another interesting post. Sorry about the egg, but those photos of the pansies are outstanding!! Good job Jeff!! Hopefully the weather will be better for you today too!

  2. Now I'm following your blog. Very pretty - I like the set up and pictures. I recently had a similar incident with a bird's nest (not sure what type). A limb on my front tree broke during a windstorm around 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately some birds had made a home with eggs there and you can guess what happened. I've saved the nest and placed it in a holly bush near the tree.

  3. Hi there! I am so sorry to hear about the Robin egg..the rain storms have done such damage. Now - I really love the pixs of the pansies...such a happy little flower.

    Here' a haiku I made for you:

    'lil happy pansies
    cheerfully smile in the sun
    sending joy your way

    Natalie :-))

  4. Pink Glass Palace,
    Good thinking on your part! Now maybe some other birds can use it! It never even occurred to me to relocate the nest!!! All I could think of was that poor little egg!...Next time...PLEASE don't let there be another time!!! :-/ ...I'll know how to handle the situation...Sort of!

  5. Craftgal,
    :-)) I am still smiling at your haiku!! One of these days I'll really have to get some education about what the different forms of poetry are. I've heard of, and read, haiku before...but I'm not sure why?! Maybe I'll get you to 'school me!' :-))At any rate, I think that poetry should make you feel something...and that one did!!! I'm still smiling!! :-))

  6. So glad you like my little haiku.... :-) I just love pansies too...such a happy flower!


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