Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hubby Power!

I want to say "Welcome to my backyard!" in a cheery upbeat voice this morning, but my groggy voice is coming out. I didn't get a good night's sleep last night...which is really nothing NEW...but last night it was particularly irritating for me.
  But before I get all talky, talky,...let me show you the view I have of my backyard this morning.  It's the view I'm looking at from my bed. YES, I'm still in bed!!! No commentary YOU!!! Oh, that's right...I can't hear you anyway! LOL
  The reason I didn't sleep good is because of this gadget. It's a C-Pap machine. I have sleep Apnea. I found out just recently after a stay in the hospital because of a 7 day long stint with terrible headaches. Last night I put my machine on before bed, as usual, but I woke up very...VERY...early this morning with an extremely dry mouth (from mouth breathing all night, I guess), and this machine WAS NO LONGER ON MY FACE!!! Apparently I got sick of it during the night (it probably was interfering with my Hawaiian hula dance I was doing with my hubby in "Virtual Hawaii"...IN MY DREAMS...Poetic dreams! *Teehee*). I found it going full steam, and loudly, and with the face mask lying nicely ON THE OVERHEAD HEADBOARD!!! (I'll stop yelling now.) I have no memory what-so-ever of taking it off!
   Hubby says I mumbled something about being cold, but he dismissed it and went back to sleep. Isn't he wonderful?!...Actually, he IS wonderful! That's really what this post is about this morning. He has been priceless and loving throughout this whole ordeal...other health issues included. (I'll talk about that another time.) I wanted to show you my handsome "tall drink of water", as a friend of mine referred to him.
  Many of my poems were inspired by him, while I was awake...and while I was getting some GOOD sleep and having poetic dreams of him. My poem today will let you know what I mean. You read...I'm going back to bed with this view.
My Super-Hero

He has x-ray vision,
but he`s as blind as a bat.
He sees straight to my heart,
but cannot see my fat.

He`s as strong as an ox,
but as gentle as can be.
He`s sexy in his shorts,
and in a suit-a sight to see!

He`s my super-hero,
even though he can't  fly;
He doesn't drive a Bat-Mobile,
or freeze time with his eye.

But the things that he can do
far outweigh the things he can`t;
and they give the word "Super-Hero"
a whole new slant!


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad night! Anytime you have to have those nasty machines on it keeps you from sleeping. I've read your Hero poem before and I love it! Hopefully you'll be able to catch up on your sleep throughout the day today.

  2. CinLynn, I always nap. I've become a pro at it!! ;-) Thank you!


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