Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am I done yet?

YAY! The weekend Tag Sale is DONE! We did pretty good least we did on Friday. Saturday was such a beautiful day, weather-wise, that people took the opportunity to go biking with the kids, barbecuing, or just going for walks in the sunshine. NOT Tag Saleing! Saturday's take was about $30.00, and that's how much we paid my sister for sitting and helping us. So, it was a break-even day. Friday we made enough to cover either 1/4 of a mortgage, 1/60th of a car payment, 4 weeks worth of grocery, or 1/10th of that beautiful living room furniture I want to buy!!! LOL
  That was the good news of the weekend. The other news is that I had a "friend" visit again after not seeing them for a whole 6 months!!! UGH! I hate to be indelicate, so I won't get into details. When I say "My Friend" though, know what I mean!! I'm almost 51. Enough said. Needless to say, this is one "Friend" I thought I was never going to see again!! Oh well, I guess I'm not DONE with this "friend" yet. I saw a print, done from an artist's original acrylic painting, that said it all! It's by an ETSY shop owner named artbytrudy It's titled "Yellow Giclee Print Women Illustration Hand Printed Humourous Red".
  SAD,...but true! LOL Although I wish "Myself" wasn't such a BEAR at that time. It doesn't make for a nice friendly Tag Sale Hostess. All those fruitages of the spirit get a real work out!!! Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and especially self-control!!! Maybe it'll be at least another 6 months before this "friend" visits again...or never!...That would be GOOD!!...Sad to say that about a friend that you've been familiar with since your late teenage years (Yep! I was late....VERY!!!  I was about 16. If not for a hurried trip to the Emergency room with Appendicitis, and being asked by the nurse about my Menses...and not knowing what she was talking about, I may have never even known about this "Friend". But a little pill from the doctor and me and my "friend" have been constant, battling, companions every since!). I know, too much information! LOL
  As you can see, while I try to be tactful in my speech, no subject is really off limits with me. I learned a long time ago how healthy it was for me to just be myself...and so I am! But thankfully for you, except for the poem below, now I'm DONE! :-)) {By the way, I wrote this poem almost 3 years ago. A lot has changed in that short period of time!!...NOW I'm done!}

Change Of Life

I have one good week a month-
A change of life that drives me mad!
At 48, this is the worst
of all the changes that I've  had.

The week before-I start to crave.
I clear the fridge-bit by bit.
My 'Slightly Hungry' appetite
becomes a raging bottomless pit.

My highly focused, scheduled mind
now loses shoes, and curries fears.
My hair gets all dried out
and I become a ball of tears.

Then there's  the trembling of the legs,
Flashes-hot and cold alike,
headaches that don't  seem to quit,
charlie horses in the night.

In the mirror is a woman
I recognize-but she scares me!
"Lock me up, please, just this week,
and kindly throw away the key!"

But first, make sure my cave's  in order-
all my things where they should be,
'cause I'll  be checking 'Every Hour'
when I wake up-to go pee.

Then-the flowing starts.
I can't wait til this is less!.
I just stay in my nightgown-
its now 'Unreasonable' to dress.

This goes on for days and days
while brain cells flee, and calmness too.
I'm  frustrated, tired and mad
and please tell me: "Where's  my shoe?"

And then-Hurrah! The flow subsides-
Then all my bones begin to hurt.
All my muscles start to cramp,
and my suspicion's  on alert.

"Everything', with me, is wrong-
Depression now has raised its rear.
The only good thing is-this means
that soon my good week will be here.

Yes-it happens every month!
This change of life will drive me mad!
(At least 3 weeks in the month-
because one week its not so bad!!)



  1. Wug...ha..I love your poem and your it! I told my daughter about her "Friend" vising for ten years before the " Friend came to visit" I did not want her to be surprised. Well when her friend visited at the age of 13, I thought fabulous she's all prepared!

    I watched and sympathisized about her cramping, bloating and headaches for 5 days. I then walked into her room and gently said, " Honey, here is your calender that you can use to keep track of your "time of the month."

    It's usually around 28-30 days. She then looked at me with horror. Absolute horror and screamed,


    I just held her in my arms and thought, "Oh my dear stupid child" haaaaaaa She's now a college professor!

  2. Trudy,
    I am not just laughing...I am howling!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! It sounds like your daughter had a similar reaction to me when the doctor gave me the little pill!!!!

    WHEW!!! A College Professor! That means that there's still hope for me!!! Ha!

  3. Oh Wug..I can still see her face. She screamed for her 11 year old sister, " YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU WHEN YOU TURN 13! AND YOU'RE GONNA GET IT EVERY MONTH UNTIL YOU DIE!

    My 11 year old was scared to death. Now mind you I have been telling them what was going to happen to them for years. Plus they had health classes.

    My 11 year old said, "Maybe I won't get it!"

    I was also 16 when I was first visited..(cheerleading by the way) I thought everyone in the stands knew what happenned.

    I had the biggest crush on Doug the boy that bagged your groceries at our small town grocery. Well mom and I went up on buy my own "Special Supplies" and my mom announces to everyone in the grocery store that" Trudy became a woman today!"

    I could have DIED on the spot. Died. I went out and sobbed all the way home. My mother said, "You should be proud Trudy this is a big step it means that one day you can have a baby!"

    I thought.." Oh MY God mom..Shut up!" Then we got home and she had to announce it to my dad..

    Like I had just won the olympic...errrrrrrrrgh.

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! Trudy, you are something else!!! I came over here to put today's post up and saw your wonderful story. I'm cramping and everything else...but at least now I'M SMILING! :-))

    P.S. Give me some encouragement...did the 11 year old become a brain surgeon, biochemist, Lawyer?!...strike lawyer.

  5. Great post Wug! Sorry I missed it yesterday! But it's not too late! I haven't seen my "friend" now for about 6 yrs. Yay!! I would be SHOCKED if it showed up again!!!
    Hope you aren't too mean today!! Poor Jeff....


    I don't miss that "friend" at all -- it's been 7 years for me. But, the stuff I go through these days is not always a picnic. Check out my "Hormones from Hell" posting at my blog. It's
    and the hormonal posting was on 3/17.

  7. Alicia9/05/2010

    LOL! My friend's room at my house was 'removed' when I was 40. Don't miss her not one bit!

  8. Katie Gates, I went and read that post a long time ago. Sorry it took me so long to respond back! I forgot!!! ^_^ Another side affect of hormones!

  9. Alicia, Sorry the room was removed, but at least you know the house wasn't completely boarded up!!! ^_^

  10. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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