Thursday, May 6, 2010


My backyard is quiet most of the time, with flowers on my patio, and an occasional critter. But just like my relationship with my sisters, even the calmest place can sometimes be... hilly!
  I have a whole lot of sisters...brothers too.  And strangely enough, we didn't all grow up together at the same time! Some of us have different fathers and different mothers, and our growing up took place in different states even. But my relationship with my sisters has shaped me over the years...Me and 2 of my other sisters were the dynamic trio. The 2 of them would have taken a bullet for me if I needed them to. Thankfully we didn't have THAT kind of childhood and I never needed them to!... One of my sisters, the "Second in command" I call her, because she was the next one in line birth-wise but always seemed as though she was the oldest, has been the one I've had the most awe of,... and the most animosity with!!! You see, I was afraid of everything and she was afraid of NOTHING! Not even my mother, who at 5 foot 4 had a commanding presence...and a quick switch!! But my sister always  stood up to Ma, made all of the battle plans for the 3 of us, and...stood in the line of fire to protect us if anything ever got a little hairy!... BUT in later years she was also the one who stole my powder, perfume, and make-up every time I turned my back!!!
The youngest sister, "The baby" we called her, was the exact opposite! She always wanted to cuddle, looked up to me, and took my side when the Second in command wanted to fight about something. But she could also be a pain in the neck to get to do anything!!! She always had to be talked into it, or dragged kicking and screaming!!...Now that we're older I recognize how much I learned from them and how much I am a product of what rubbed off from them in growing up with them. THANK YOU my sisters, for my bravery no matter what problem comes along. I now know I can handle anything! And thank you for my affectionate loving spirit, which keeps me hopeful and positive minded for all of the other people that come in and out of my life.....You are the flowers in my backyard now!


Sisters-on the family curve
sometimes just get on your nerve;
But, sisters will a purpose serve,
they will your life preserve.

Sisters-sometimes they're at war;
and sometimes they "do" go too far.
All sisters want to be the star-
not follow where you are!

Sisters-they don't care a bit!
When fighting they will never quit!
But, sisters, all your jokes they get;
and, when with you, they fit!

Sisters-are your family.
Sisters, see the things you see;
Sisters, knew the girl you'd be,
and set your spirit free.

Sisters-beside you they live;
and sometimes drain you, like a sieve;
But sisters, their last dime will give,
and will your bad forgive.

Sisters-no one else can knock;
and wow!-the memories they unlock.
A sisters smile can stop the clock-
'cause sisters "They Just Rock!"

Parents-with the seasons flow.
Boyfriends-they will come and go.
Brothers-by your side will grow.
But, sisters ease your woe;
and one shared heart you know.

Special thanks to the two wonderful etsy shop owners who allowed me to use their silhouettes for this post. They are Sam of matouenpeluche ...and PhoebeDea . These two items are just a drop in the bucket of all of the wonder things you will find in their shops. Please check them out!


  1. Wow! I'm really learning a lot about my dear friend and sister Deb (Wug)! Thanks so much for sharing this little bit of you with me! I have a very dear friend here who has a family very much like yours! You do need to meet her!! AND she's from Mississippi!!!

  2. What lovely memories you have shared with us here - thank you! Thank you also for including my "sisters" print - a total honour! Your garden looks wonderful too by the way!

  3. Thanks very much Sam! It wouldn't have been the same without your print!


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