Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Results of Inspiration!

***Only 3 more days now to the GIVE AWAY!!! On Friday, May 21st. If you haven't gotten your name in the box for the drawing, Please do! Someone will  receive, FREE, a book of my poems AND a crochet/bead necklace that I handmade myself!... See the "Connection Rules" posting on this blog for the details.***

  I have to tell you what happened in the backyard yesterday !!!...But first, on yesterday's posting I mentioned  a couple of things that influence my crocheting and my poetry, and I said that I would love to know what influences some of you. I am so pleased to share with you two wonderful responses that I received...One was from my friend Cindy of http://www.etsy.com/shop/cinlynnboutique . She is on Twitter too! http://twitter.com/Beadlynn7 .

  Quoting her, she said: "....The things that inspire you are the same with me. As an example: I bought a bead about 3 months ago and couldn't decide how I was going to make a purse pull with it. I tried different things...didn't like them, so put it down. The other day, I looked at that bead and knew exactly what I was going to do with it! The result is a great new purse pull!!..." This is the purse pull she was inspired to make.
  Just in general conversation about another subject she said:  "...I LOVE photography myself! I'm always in awe when I capture a truly beautiful moment!" I would venture to say with this picture...DONE!!!
  Another wonderful response I received was from BeautifulSchlop on Twitter http://twitter.com/BeautifulSchlop
 She said: "Last year I found myself very inspired and influenced by nature. 2 of my fav pieces I've created are my cherry blossom and fern Cherry Blossom Pendant http://www.etsy.com/listing/35305930/white-cherry-blossom-branch-pendant  a picture of it popped into my head and I was so proud to have created exactly what I thought up."
  Awwwww! Isn't inspiration great!!!...By the way, you should check out her blog and see the other things she's been inspired to make! http://beautifulschloppglass.blogspot.com/
  Okay, now let me tell you what happened in the backyard!! You see this?

It's a Robin's nest that sits in a tree right outside my window. As you can also see...it's empty! Why?!
Well, I don't know how it happened...whether the strong winds in the backyard the other day, or some other critter toted it off...but look right below the back leg of my bench. Can't see it?!
Yes! It's a Robin egg!!! The most beautiful shade of blue aqua I think I've ever seen! Sitting on my patio, about 7 yards away from the tree where the nest is!...My first thought was how beautiful! My next thought was Uh Oh!!! What should we do?! Now, if I was a computer savvy, quick thinking,  person I would have said "Let me google it!" But all I could think of was that poor Robin hunting around for her baby! So I said to hubby: "Can you put it back in the nest without disturbing or touching it too much?" I was under the impression that if we touched it it would leave our human scent on it and the mommy Robin wouldn't take care of it. So, with my urging, my hubby got a napkin, gently picked it up, and put it back in the nest.
With this little leaf and it's mommy watching over it, I figured it would be just fine. *Sigh of relief!*...But as the day went on, and we saw mommy Robin jumping around the yard, but not in the nest (it appeared that she was looking for the egg!!!!),  I began to worry about my little aqua blue baby. The sun was going down!
Hubby took this picture of the sun setting...REALLY, HE DID...with NO Picassa photo doctoring either! So what we did was...FINALLY IT CROSSED MY MIND! UGH!...googled information about what to do! This link was extremely helpful! http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/robin/FAQNestsEggs.html Unfortunately we found out that we should have just left it alone on the patio. But we also found out that there was no need to worry about human scent getting on the egg either! You can read it if you like.
  To tell you the end of the story, when hubby went out to check on the egg a robin flew out of the nest! Apparently one was taking care of the egg and one was hopping around the yard on patrol! (Of course that's just my assessment! lol) They flew in and out until we couldn't see them anymore. I'll keep you up to date if there are any other developments!

Color Is

Auburn is the setting sun.
Blue is a mood.
Black is the night sky.
Brown is dog food.

Green is the grass.
Yellow is the sun.
Gray is the stormy sky.
Purple is just fun.

Pink is carnations.
Plum is a fruit.
Tan is for shoes.
Beige is just cute.

Gold is a metal.
White is plain, mild.
Red is a fire.
Orange is hog wild!
(This poem was written a while ago. Now I would add this stanza...)

Blue is the egg,
Aqua it's shade,
fallen from it's nest.
On the patio it laid.


  1. Thanks Deb (Wug)!
    Very nice post and I appreciate your showcasing my work! Hope the robin baby is alright too!

  2. CinLynn, It was my pleasure! :-)


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