Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Old and The New

The backyard rested yesterday, while I rested last night! Yay! 8 whole hours of sleep,... and everything stayed in it's place! (For those of you who saw yesterday's post!) Rest looks good on a backyard...and on an old body.
  Before I went to bed last night I was looking through my old photo albums. I didn't realize how many of my old craft projects I had actually photographed. I guess, back then, I wasn't sure if I'd ever do another project, so I wanted to document the event of getting something finished! I'd love to hear about and see some of your old projects...whether you finished them or not, and whether you liked them or not! I know that can be a factor when you start going back into the mire of things long past....My first projects were not even crochet!  This was a little puppy and kitten latch hook project, and a crocheted doily made with crochet thread instead of yarn. I am SO glad I kept at it until I found something I loved to wasn't latch hooking or doily making...just saying!
  The new things and artisans of etsy are many and beautiful!!! These are a couple of my favorites. Cindy, of cinlynnboutique who makes the most interesting and well made purse pulls and bracelets...and has a beautiful section for wedding items too! You can also find her on Twitter @Beadlynn7 ...Next is or @etsyjodi on Twitter, who makes the most fun jewelry you'll ever see! Cakes, telephones, and toasters on wearable rings!...Then there's who makes the most adorable bears and other animals. PERFECT as gifts for little ones who are in the market for their first stuffed friend that they want to keep for life!...And Raceytay on etsy who, after I ran across her shop on etsy,...and spent a lot of time just staring...I found myself crying over the memories it evoked and the beauty of her work. Check it out and let me know what YOU think. In fact check out all of these beautiful shops!
Okay, talk to you tomorrow. On to some new projects of my own...3 crocheted hats I'm trying to finish! See you in the backyard tomorrow! Here's today's poem:

Blankets Of Love

I make blankets, in my own time;
putting love in every stitch;
I let no one rush the process;
I'm not concerned with getting rich.

Crocheting brings about a calm
that nothing else quite seems to do;
I get such joy from choosing patterns,
and from choosing colors, too.

The more intricate-the better;
that gives me much more time to think,
'cause I slow down, so I can read it
keeping brain cells in the pink.

Just the steady, jutting motion
of my needle's in and out
makes me remember who its for,
and what the pattern's all about.

I made a blanket for my sister,
with kittens crocheted all around;
and another one, for Tammy,
with her name written up and down.

I made a special one last year.
(made lovingly-to give away)
It marked the 20 years of love
that we remembered on that day.

We threw a party for our friends;
We had good food, and dancing too;
and on the blanket, it was written:
'Roses are red, violets are blue'.

That was a special blanket;
but special is always what I say
'cause I put the time into them
so that they won't easily fray.

They are blankets made with love
that I'm proud of-from 'chain one';
To watch the faces of receivers
is, without doubt, half the fun.

So-if I ever make a blanket
for your anniversary,
or your wedding, or engagement,
here's the thought you'll have from me:

That 'I love you very much,
and making it was fun to do;'
and that 'with every single stitch
my every thought had been of you!'

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