Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day You Got Married

It's starting out to be a beautiful morning! The sun is just coming up in the backyard, another one of the pansies is looking gorgeous, and calm seems to have ensued. There's rain in the forecast...Usually I'd be UGH! UGH! UGHing all over the place, but I'm feeling pretty good this morning. So, bring on the rain! My mood is so good that all I can think about it is that it makes my pansies look like beautiful!
  This morning also reminds me of how beautiful it was the morning I got married. No, I'm not going to bore you with that story today, but I can tell you that the reason it's on my mind is because my friend is going to be married pretty soon. We received the invitation to her wedding yesterday. I already knew she was getting married, but the invitation made it real.
   She is the mom of Bri, the little girl I was talking about yesterday. She has been a single mom for a loooooong time. In fact, she's never been married. She got into a relationship when she was really young, got pregnant, they broke up, and it's been her and Bri against the world every since...Don't get me wrong, she's had lots of chances! She's beautiful!!! But she always said that because of the way she grew up, dealing with the abuse of men around her, she would not be with a man that was not Bri's biological father until Bri was grown and out of the house. She didn't want to have to worry about Bri being abused by someone...just in case!
   Now she's @#$! years old...I don't dare risk our friendship by telling you her age! LOL...Bri is married and out of the house, and it's her turn!!...But it's been a scary road for her. Imagine not even dating for over 20 years!!!...But she's found a good man...or I should say he's found her! He's been someone she's known for years, casually, seeing him at conventions, assemblies, and so forth. He says he's been seriously watching her for 4 years, but he was too chicken to approach her. He knew how she felt about not dating until her daughter was out of the house, AND...he thought she was so beautiful that she would never give him the time of day!...Ha! Boy was he wrong!!!
    So here I am this morning, looking at bag patterns and staring at baby's breath for inspiration. I've got to get to work!! Where else will she keep her essentials that day?!  She wants it to be the color of the pansy I showed you above. I'm finding out that there's a lot of different ways to go on this bag!!!
   My bag will be crocheted...of course! LOL ... I'm sure that it's NOT going to be the thing that everyone is staring at on the wedding day, but JUST IN CASE there's a future customer there...I want it to be the best bag ever!!! :-))
  My bag will be swinging from her wrist as she comes and goes all day...and the two of them.......are probably not going to notice or know the difference anyway!!! They're gonna be like these two crocodiles were that we saw at Busch Gardens on our honeymoon...OBLIVIOUS! (I know because that's just like me and hubby were the day we got married!)

When We Got Married

The building where we married
was a tiny little church,
with paint chipping everywhere
(like a white, long-standing Birch).

We were Oh! So much in love;
and so our family could know,
we took pictures in the park-
(a week before the rice they'd  throw).

It was bright park sunshine
that poured down upon my face,
just a week before I'd  wear
the long white dress, all trimmed in lace.

Dad drove me in his Caddy,
(all cleaned up, in white, like me.)
Jeff was late, so dad had to
drive around so none would see.

There was no room in the church
for a bride to hide from guests;
They all had to get there first-
To not be seen was quite a test!

Jeff made me wait, But it was fine.
He looked so good in his white tux.
He had washed his green Chevette.
It shined just like a million bucks.

My cousin, dressed up too,
opened the door and let me out.
Everything looked kind of hazy
through my veil, all round about.

My sister, oldest, was in front,
as we went, slow, down the aisle.
I just wanted to see Jeff,
down at the end-with his big smile!

We faced each other, hand-in-hand,
and I looked deep into his face.
He looked shocked! and when I smiled
he still just stared off into space.

Thankfully he said: "I do",
and when I did-there was a lull.
I later asked him what was wrong.
He said: "You were so beautiful!"

It was the greatest day.
The year my life began anew.
I became his wife-his 'Puddles'.
He became my 'Bay'-and 'Boo'.

We had a great reception
(Thanks to things from 'Taylor Rental');
And we had it in dad's  house,
where I could dance with dad-real gentle.

We had a champagne fountain
(But Jeff and I drank apple juice).
I danced all day, without my shoes.
I was relaxed and feeling loose.

My sisters did the serving
of the food they made that day.
Everybody 'cut-a-rug!',
and jeff's  best friend was our D.J.

We drove south, to Florida,
for our one-week honeymoon,
with people honking all the way!
(It was a 'Just Married' car-tune.)

We went to 'Disney World',
'Cypress Gardens' and 'Epcot'.
We also visited 'Busch Gardens'.
(For just one week-we saw a lot!)

For two weeks after we got home,
by Love was how we both were fed,
'cause there wasn't  any money.
(Without my biscuits we'd  be dead!)

So-all these happy memories
are the reason for the core
of our marriage all these years.
And there will be many more-
Now that Jehovah keeps the score!


  1. Very nice poem Wug! Touching! Glad you're still so much in love too! Hope things go well with your friend!

  2. inLynn, Thanks again, my friend! :-)


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