Monday, May 3, 2010

I love me...& what I do

Have you ever heard the expression "If you don't like yourself nobody else is gonna like you either?" Well, I heard that a lot when I was young, growing up in the South. I always was bigger than all the other kids and I had a wetting the bed issue...really, a weak bladder,...that caused me no end of problems!!! One particular incident had me jumping out of the School bathroom window.  We were having a Spelling Bee, with everybody standing in a line around the room heading toward the blackboard to spell their word, and it was taking TOO LONG to get to me! Long story short...I didn't make it! *Shivering at the memory!*
 I told you that to say this: Sometimes you just have to get past things that happen to you and learn to love YOU! That's what my poem is about today too. But that'll be later...My learning to love myself included my getting good at something...Crocheting! It built a lot of confidence in me. It started with a book "Like" this one, "The Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Encyclopedia". With the pictures inside, and simple to follow instructions, I was able to teach myself the beginnings of confidence!

  Now I am what I would call an "Expert" crocheter...with only a few days where I want to run out of the room and jump out of the window!!!...Nowadays I'm in the habit of doing intricate and complicated projects just to keep my mind occupied and interested...Unless there's a flower involved! Anybody's that's seen my flower necklaces in my "Wuglyees" etsy shop would attest to that!
 I'm working on 3 hats at the same time right now! A blue one, a brown one, and a black one. I do a few rows of one until I get tired of that color, then I move on to the next color!
The creative brain RUN AMUCK!!! LOL But in the end I'll have 3 more soft beauties for my online shop! I love me...and I love what I do!!!

"I Love Me!"

I love me.
I love the happy me.
I love the fact of me.
I love the silly me.

I love me.
I love the confident me.
I love the cooking me.
I love the sexy me.

I love me.
I love the cuddly me.
 I love the caring me.
I love the beautiful me.

I love me.
I love the supportive me.
I love the sporting me.
I love the giddy me.

I love me.
I love the quiet me.
I love the talkative me.
I love the pensive me.

I love me.
I love the sensitive me.
I love the thoughtful me.
I love the world, with me.

I love me.
I love the patient me.
I love the stylish me.
I love the smiling me.

I love me.
I love the creative me.
And the one who created me,
because he helps relate to me
why I love me.

And I do love me!


  1. Another great blog post! Love the poem!

  2. Thank you guys so much for the nice words about my poetry! It makes me not so scared to share it!

  3. Lovely story - I relate to the bed wetting thing ;-) I didn too till I was 12 - very difficult to deal with at that age - but as we both found out - 'this too will pass' - wish I'd known that then.
    Lovely poem - you're really getting into this aren't you ! ;-)

  4. I really am, Sue! Who would have "thunk" it?! LOL

  5. Again I will say that I am so glad that I found your blog. Wow you are some woman and I know that I would love you if I knew you!!

  6. I love your poem! It's a message we all need to hear and soak into our bones. Thank-you for sharing it.

  7. fabricartist21, What a sweet thing to say! Awwww!

    FeeBeeDee, Thanks for the nice words about my poem. And I agree! There really should be a little more loving of ourselves in the world...and of God, who made us, too!


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