Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cleaning Out the Old...

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The rain yesterday really encouraged some growth in the backyard! It seems that everything got some good from all that rain...except me! The only growth spurt I had yesterday was in my mind. Thinking about how I'm going to organize all of the stuff I have, in order to Tag Sale it. We're planning to finally get rid of the old...NOT including me! But before I get to that, here's some pictures of our rain nourished backyard.
 Even the little ants are getting out the old, and working on reorganization!

  Okay, so now that I've got reorganization on my mind too, what am I going to get rid of? I've got so many things that need to go in the Tag Sale...or in the trash! I have a red T.V. that someone gave my husband years ago.

I haven't gotten rid of it until now just because it's such a novel little thing! I'd never seen one before!...But this one has stickers on it, and an antenna that you have to keep JUST in the right spot in order to see Judge Judy through snow and frizzle!...Then I have two love seat couches, mustard colored and worn and definitely have seen better days, with little wood panels sticking out...just enough to say they weren't bought yesterday.

Some friends have tried to get me to throw them out before now, but...why? Somebody MUST want to buy them!!...Okay, so I'm not exactly realistic about some of the stuff I have!
  I'll figure it all out,... and release my inner hoarder. I've done it before, when we had to clean out two of our closets...I found out then that Sometimes having lots of closet space is not a good thing! We had things in that closet..Oh! I'll let my poem tell you about that!
 So, new growth in the room to grow in the Malloy household! Wait! Is that a good thing?!!!
(By the way, this is not my actual closet. This is a photo from a shop right on etsy called bluekittens! You can find anything on etsy, can't you?...Please check out the other photographs in her shop too!)

Cleaning Out The Closets

When cleaning out our closets,
Oh, The treasures we would find;
Like trinkets for the dresser,
and self-help books for the mind.

Extension cords and clothing
(neither used since who knows when);
And many extra blankets,
that we put into a bin.

Board games, with missing pieces,
and High School souvenir cups;
Toy cars that Jeff collected,
in the plastic, still wrapped up;

A stuffed tiger, missing whiskers
(A white patch where his nose goes);
But he'd  still give you a growl,
if you pressed right near his toes.

There were things that I crocheted
and forgot I even had,
like some lacy kitchen curtains,
and a dress that looked real bad.

There were coats and shirts and shoes
that we both had grown out of;
Cards and letters through the years,
full of sappy professed love.

Many things we threw away;
and some others we'll Tag Sale'.
Then there's  those that we'll  repair,
and re-use, if not too stale.

Now that we've  organized them
(In each closet, in it's place),
maybe we will be more careful
not to fill them with more waste.

We can now open any door,
and put our hands on things real fast;
There's  satisfaction, but we know
that time will tell if it will last!


  1. I have to say Deb, you've got me motivated to get my closets cleaned out. Got one done yesterday, sort of...Hope you sell lots at your tag sale!

  2. I have to say that I too was inspired and motivated. Good luck!

  3. YAY for clean closets, wherever they may be!!! LOL

  4. Anonymous5/13/2010

    Love that red television! :D


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