Sunday, May 30, 2010

Every day...!

  I woke up in a really good mood yesterday! Even though my body was feeling like it had been hit by a train...which it always does anyway! I was looking forward to the full-blown sunshine and some good times! And while all around there were signs of summer...
  ...there was a kind of creeping gloom that you could feel in the air. You can see it in this pool picture...Yeah Water! But is that a dark cloud?!...Nah!
  Well, I was wrong! It was a dark cloud! All of a sudden it was pouring rain!!! Wish I had pictures of it, but I was in such a state of disbelief about it that I wasn't even thinking about taking pictures until it was gone!!! :-) Eh! Whatever! Rain just means guilt-free crochet time, more tennis watching,...and basketball too yesterday. (Congratulations to the  Lakers!)
   Besides watching the basketball game with me, hubby kept himself busy too...before the rain hit I mean. He had some leftover wood outside that couldn't just stay a pile of wood! It had to become, or be made to become, something useful.
  Okaaaaay! Now....what are we going to do with it?! "Put it next to the bed!" he said. "Sure honey! Good idea!" :-)) He supports my creativity....I support his!.......Even with my words!

Every Day Love Talk

It's  2:30 in the morning.
The alarm goes off right on cue.
He gets up and shaves and showers;
says "Bye Bye Baby. I love you."

Right around noontime
comes a call on his cell phone,
saying: "I was thinking of you.
I can't  wait til I get home."

When his work day has ended,
he calls to say he's  leaving the job.
I count the minutes I know it will take
before he's  turning our doorknob.

Then there's  3 pecks on the lips,
and "Hi Baby! How was your day?"
"Dinner will be ready in a little while;"
and before we go to bed, we pray.

We curl up in each other's  arms,
giggle and talk, laying in the moonlight;
and its an "I love you" and "I love you too"
and everything in the world seems right.

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