Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nostalgic Trips

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"On the road again", the Willie Nelson version, could be the theme for today's post. (You can listen to it as background music while you read this post if you like. Just scroll down on the right side of this page to the youtube gadget, type in "On the road again", and click the top left box! :-)) )
  Jeff and I LOVE to travel. We're not the kind that like to do passports, customs, and all of that though...Maybe in the future! But we love getting in the car and going for a ride. Sometimes a REALLY long ride!...From the time we were married we have been up and down the East Coast of the United States numerous times! Some of those trips were to visit family, to go to weddings, etc. But other trips were just because we love to ride!...and we love Hotels!!! And we've been in quite a few of them too...they have always been an experience! This was a really nice one my Jeff and his buddy, Paul, stayed in, in Boston Massachusetts.
  Why were THEY there, and I wasn't with him on this trip?...This is why!
  This was a trip I gave him as an anniversary gift! He and his friend Paul went to a Red Sox game...
It was an over-nighter too! They went to the game, had dinner, and spent time in the Hotel...on the phone talking to their wives before they went to bed! :-)) I must admit, it makes me happy that even when I'm not with him I'm still on his mind....That's probably because I have been his road trip buddy for all these 28 years, and then some actually, because we traveled before we were even married! Except for a trip to Canada when I was 18, all of our trips have been together!
  We've been to Georgia, of course, because that's where both of our families are from. In fact his favorite picture of me is one he took in Atlanta while we were shopping.
  Why? I don't know...I think it was the jeans. I was usually in a skirt or dress...We went to North Carolina. He has a sister who lives there. That's a peaceful ride, with all of the long and winding tree lined roads.
On those trips this was mostly what I saw.
   Attractive scenery, isn't it?!...Okay, NOT! But he got me back for this one. He took this photo of the scenery in a Hotel in Florida.
I didn't even know he had taken this until we got home!!! Ha! Ha! Good thing! Yikes!...Thankfully I controlled the camera most of the rest of our time in Florida.
Although he did take this one.
And we got someone walking by to take this one.
We've also been to New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont...another quiet and scenic State. Of course we were there shortly after there had been a massive State wide flood!!! This is one of the covered bridges that survived it...kinda! Thankfully they have a lot of covered bridges all over the State. (It was a popular tourist attraction after the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" came out.)
Our other two excursions were to the Upper Peninsula (the people called it "You-per"!). We went on a boat trip in one of the Great lakes (can't remember which one...but 3 of the 5 were surrounding the area where we visited...I think!). They had beautiful little waterfalls everywhere too! "Mr. Camera" thought this was pretty funny too!
WHATEVER!!! Good thing for him I have a sense of humor! :-)) ...Oh Yeah, the painted rocks in Michigan were also beautiful! While the one arched McDonald's was necessary!!!

I'm almost through!!!...The last trip we took before my health curtailed our wanderlust was to Maine.
This was where he had a fight with a lobster.....and the lobster won!! We almost had to take him to the doctor because of a seafood allergy. A little benodril and a long nap did the trick thankfully. But he has not had anything that even SMELLED like shelled seafood since then!!! (Except a can of tuna...and even that was "Chicken" of the sea! Ha! Ha!)...Our excursions always ended with beautiful sunsets. And that's how I'll end this post, with a sunset..............and a smile!


Why do we get nostalgic
for the places of our past?
For the music and the people
who were in our high school class?

Why do we get nostalgic
for the foods we used to eat?
Like your mom's banana pudding,
boiled pig ears and chicken feet?

Why do we get nostalgic
for old bikes we once rode on?
And for buying penny candy
at a time that's long since gone?

Why do we get nostalgic
for long conversations had
when our cousins used to visit
(That was-til we all got mad)?!

Why do we get nostalgic?
Frankly, I'm  sure I don't  know,
'cause I sat and wrote a poem
like a true nostalgia pro!


  1. This is great! I love all those photos of you and Jeff!! You are so cute!! (both of you!). You must be a blast to hang out with. I love to go to the U.P.! It's so gorgeous up there! And yep, the people that live there are called "you-pers!"

  2. :-)) We've been known to shake a leg and cut loose on occasion!!!...Nowadays we take a lot longer to do it, but come on over...have some fun with us!!!


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