Thursday, July 19, 2012

He's Back Out There Again! :-)

    Yep! Hubby is back in the backyard! I knew the dead mouse, fox and swarming bees wouldn't deter him for long! LOL If you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can check out this earlier post --> HERE. :-))
    And he's armed with more than just his garden gloves, a spade and a bee net too! :-)) ... Okay, so he doesn't have a bee net. But he does have a camera! :-) I thought I'd show you a few of the pictures he took...

      This is his 'lone' sunflower now... :-( ...thanks to the sunflower thief that stole the other one right out of the ground!!!! Grrrr!

      It's very cute and all, but I have to's not as cute as those other purple sunflowers he grew a year or so ago. Do you remember those 'babies'?!...No?!...Well, thankfully I still have pictures of them!...


      Do you remember now?!

      Not only does he not have any more like this one in the yard, but he also can't find the seeds for them anywhere!...and he didn't save the seeds from them when they grew in the yard. :-( Oh well...*deep sigh* least I have pictures!
       Speaking of pictures....I kinda got side-tracked, didn't I?! LOL...

       He took this picture yesterday too...Unfortunately these aren't growing in our backyard either! ^_^ He stole a picture of the neighbor's flowers...Between you and I, I think he's watching the neighbor's flowers, waiting to see if another 'lone' sunflower shows up! ^_^ I think it's a lost cause though. I mean how many yellow sunflowers are there around here?!....Tons!! If it had been the purple sunflower.......! Okay, okay!....Moving on! LOL

       This (above) "is" in our backyard!...and so is this....

      He took this photo looking down into the opening of this flower! Isn't that fascinating?!....Unfortunately, I don't know what kind of flower this is...or what it looks like from afar. Those photos didn't materialize. LOL...But hey! You can't have everything! ^_^ ...He's gonna try to get some better photos today. If he does, I'll share them with you...along with the picture of the masked sunflower thief, planting a 'lone' sunflower in his thievin' yard! ^_^
     Don't hold your breath on that one...Even if he did find the culprit, I'm sure they'd have a tale as winding as the 'lone' bullet in the Kennedy assassination! LOL Some issues need to be passed by and leaped over!! LOL

     And the saga of the sunflower thief is one of them! ^_^

      Somehow I think the sunflower thief wouldn't be able to enjoy that sunflower as much as hubby did anyway. A conscience is a terrible thing to tamper with! LOL
      Instead of sunflowers and heatwaves, sleeplessness (I ran out of M&Ms! LOL), and clogginess, I'm gonna talk about my backyard-strolling, camera-toting man! ^_^

      Our 30th wedding anniversary is almost upon us! I'm finding myself looking at him with new eyes the last few days. I guess it's all of the mental energy of trying to figure out what we're gonna do to celebrate, and talking about our life over the last 35 or so years. 
      To all of the newly married couples out there...don't be so quick to throw in the towel. I almost did about 29 years ago...Yep! During our first year of marriage! We had been together a little while by then, but less than a year married. I think I over-expected what marriage was gonna be.
      I was just about ready to leave him and go running back home to my daddy when....Jehovah's Witnesses showed up at my door! :-) No kidding!...My study of the Bible reminded me that God has forgiven a whole lot more than I would ever have to! And if he could be patient with us 'no account' humans...I could be patient with a 'didn't know what he was doing' husband! LOL
       I'm so glad I stayed!!! :-) It was an investment of time and love that's paid off BIG TIME over the years!!!!....Too much information?!....What do you expect from an old poet girl heading into her 30th year of marriage?! ^_^ I'm saving all the sap for YOU now!!...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Happy Together

Happy, yappy, scrappy Deb;
Easy, smiley, helpful Jeff;
couldn't live their lives apart;
could not be loving, by themself.

Joyful, faithful, are these two,
with such love for one another;
couldn't think of being alone.
Could not be one-if not together.

Laughing, crying, playing hard,
sleeping, eating, breathing too,
is always done on automatic
by "Baby", "Honey", "Squeeky", "Boo"!

Happy, yappy, complementer;
Loving, patient Jeff, the head.
Both belong to God, Jehovah
while they're living or they're dead.
All that's left to say was said!


  1. Grrr for the flower thief but yay for the sunflower that survived. That looks amazing and yes I do remember the purple ones that hubby grew a while back :)
    I hope that the heat didn't hang around for too long & that you got a nice cool change with some rain happening to keep your flowers looking great :)

    1. That's the same way we feel, Jo! And the last sunflower is still holding it's own!...By the way, we're having beautiful, not too humid, light and breezy, GREAT weather days now! :-)


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