Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Our 30th Wedding Anniversary, So Forgive ME....

     I'm not gonna be around any more today. Hubby and I have plans together. It's our 30th wedding anniversary! :-) ...30years!!!!! I can hardly believe it!!!...I woke up to these...

        They are absolutely beautiful!!...

       Even the vase they're in is beautiful!! :-]

    Me, to husband this morning: "Happy Anniversary, Bae! You're a good man, Charlie Brown!" :-) I've been loaded up with kisses...What else are we doing today?!...

     Shhhhh!...He doesn't know what it is yet. Boy, is he gonna be surprised!! ^_^ I'll share with you tomorrow...Shhhh!!!!!

      Well, I assume it's gonna be hot and greasy! ^_^ We're getting breakfast delivered to us as an anniversary gift from a friend. I can't wait to see what it is!!!...Knowing her, it's gonna be something we probably shouldn't be eating, but are gonna devour because it's so good!! LOL

      Okay....who are we kidding?! This is me and my Mr. Man! Sports is gonna be on somewhere...at some time...today! ^_^

      Wanna know what else we're doing?!....Tell you later!...But I do know that I'm not gonna be online any more today...{If you haven't seen it yet, you can look at the vlog hubby and I did a little while back, talking about our anniversary --> HERE.}...So, I'll catch up with you all tomorrow! :-) Have a good day! I know I will! :-)

No Need For A Poem

There's no need for a poem
about the love that we both share.
No pretty words about our life,
our great affection, loving care.

No need for poetry of how
I've loved him since I was a kid.
No, there's no need for such a poem,
but I guess that I just did!     


  1. Happy Anniversary my friends!! Have a wonderful day too!

    1. Thank you very much, my friend! ♥ It "was" a wonderful day! :-) I hope your was as well!

  2. Happy anniversary sweetie! your flowers are just gorgeous, hope you both have a wonderful day :)

    Bee happy x

    1. Awwww! Thank you so much, Bee! :-) It's been one of the best days ever! I hope yours has been too!

  3. Happy Anniversary... ~~Debb

  4. I'm singing the "Happy Anniversary" song right now...be glad you can't hear it! Hope the day was as special as you two are. (The details might not be something you should post..just sayin!)

    1. ^_^ I can almost hear you singing, Yaya! LOL Not bad!!...And yes, the day was special and wonderful and one I will remember always! :-] And don't worry, nobody in blogland would find my anniversary Oooo and Awwww-worthy anyway! ^_^ It was only so to us!...Have a good rest of the evening, Yaya.

  5. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful day planned :)
    Congratulations on making to a very happy 30th anniversary.

    1. Thank you, Jo! :-] And yes, we had a wonderful day planned...and it turned out to be a really great day!!! On now to day 30 years, plus one! ^_^


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