Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birds...Do They Eat Cake?!

        And so it begins! :-) ... Or at least I THINK it begins! O_O ... I've been watching the hanging suet cage out my window that my friend gave me for about two or three days now...Nothing!...Not a bird in sight! And not even a thieving squirrel! LOL
       In fact, I was beginning to think that maybe my backyard had been declared a 'no fly' zone...because I haven't seen ANY birds...or any other animals back that I think about it O_O ...for a while!
    I mean...usually there's a 'hippity hoppy' rabbit every once in a while, and scurrying squirrels. A family of robins are usually pecking away at the ground. A cardinal and a blue jay chase each other out of my tree next to the window. I even saw on the local news the other day that we need to be on the lookout for a pack of coyotes and a few stray bears that are frequenting our area!...But I had seen neither 'hide nor hair' of any of those, and not one bird!!!...even though I now had food hanging out there for them! O_O
     But yesterday morning that all changed! :-) All of a sudden I heard raucous chirping in the backyard! I looked up and this is what I saw (below).....look closely! ... 

     There was a bird hanging upside down, with only his tail sticking out, pecking away at my suet cage!! ^_^ I had hubby slowly try to get pictures. This is the only one he got before the little visitor flew off.
        While hubby was 'fiddling' with the camera and the settings the bird was going back and forth from the tree branches to the suet, squawking and 'fussing' it seemed!...I don't speak 'bird', so I don't know what he was squawking about! ^_^ ...Did he need a side dish?!...Was the suet too dry, and he wanted it moistened up a bit?!....Did it simply not taste like caviar, but instead was like an old hot dog and beans mixture?! LOL
        Whatever the case, the noise stopped yesterday morning when he flew away...and I haven't seen him since then! O_O ... Not him...or any other bird either!! I mention that because hubby was so sure that all the noise was because the bird was talking to himself and it went something like this:

       "Ummmmmm mmmmmm! When did this get put here?.....YUM!...I was just in this neighborhood a couple of days ago and I didn't see it!...Maybe it's a trap?! O_O ...*looking left and right*...Nah!!...I just wasn't paying attention the other day. Probably because that red bird was watching me to close. I was trying to keep my eye on him!.....Ummmm mmmmm....but this is so good!!!...I've got to tell harry bird and them!!...Let me see. What landmarks are around here, so I don't forget how to get back?!....A line of trees....a bare spot in the middle of the it!!....Me and the boys will get back here first thing the crow flies! :-) "

        Uhhhh....Yeah, right!!...I haven't seen that bird since his photo op!! ^_^ Maybe that's all he came for anyway....a 'photo vogue-ing opportunity!!!" LOL...Whatever!...Maybe I should just hang a piece of hubby's pineapple upside down cake on that bird cage with the suet and let that be that!... ^_^ ... Do birds even eat cake?!

       If so, they may be real happy in a few days, with 'Hostess' going out of business! LOL They'll be leftover 'Twinkee' cakes flying everywhere!!! ^_^ ... Me and hubby would've had a celebratory 'Bye-Bye Twinkee' during our 'Virtual Date' last night...but the shelves were cleared!! I guess everybody wanted to say 'Bye-Bye'! ;-)
        Right now, I'm gonna say 'Goodbye!',...*chirp! chirp!*...I am not kidding...Just as I said that, I heard chirping!! ^_^ There's a tiny bird eating away at the top of my suet cake!!!!!! :-) 
        Have a good weekend, Y'all! :-)

 Double Take

Yes, I looked at it again,
because I couldn't believe what I saw!
Was it meant to catch attention?
Or to make you drop your jaw?

Was it what I thought it was?
Was it real, or was it fake?
Just like life and all it's wonder,
some things need a double take. 


  1. Great little verse. I'm working on a bird house my grandfather made for my Mom. He died at 93 yrs. young and he didn't get to finish it. It is a task I took on. I am looking forward to having more birds come for little chats and a few symphonies perhaps. That would be nice.
    Me, Mary from the branch

    1. Awww! Thank you for the nice comment, and the nice words about my poem, Mary! :-)...Your grandfather's birdhouse sounds nice. I'd love to see it when you're done with it! I'm sure you'll have all kinds of bird 'chitter chatter' going on there!...Not that you'll know what they're saying! LOL


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